Metal Review: Bombs of Hades – The Serpent’s Redemption (2012)

Bombs of Hades - The Serpent's RedemptionThis year marks 10 years since bassist Ander Ekman and vocalist/guitarist Jonas StÃ¥lhammar (ex-God Macabre, ex-Utumno, etc) decided to get together “to get drunk and pay homage to the likes of Discharge, Anti Cimex, Dissober, Autopsy, Nihilist/Entombed, Carnage and Slayer.” In the early days, their sound consisted of crustpunk, but nowadays, they have went in the Swedish death metal direction, while retaining that crust vibe.

With their latest release, The Serpent’s Redemption, Bombs of Hades gives us that familiar death metal sound with their stamp on it. Releases like this one, can make metal fun at times. It is true homage being paid to classic bands that we wish we could still hear new material from. The songs are fun and well developed with not many issues raised.

The Serpent’s Redemption begins with Crawl Away and Bleed Forever, which is just a fun death metal / crust song. Darkness, My Soul follows and it is more of the same nostalgic feeling coming over me as I listen to it. Burn is the third track and is one of my favorites on the album. It has that classic C.O.C. feel to it, but with less punk and more groove. This is more of a layered song that is not as straight forward as most of the others. It seemlessly flows from death metal to punk in between verses. The track is 3 1/2 minutes long, but has so much going on that I had to double check the time to make sure that the listing was right.

The title track, The Serpent’s Redemption, begins with a fun, but horrific opening worthy of any Halloween-themed party, but fails to keep me interested after the opening. It may end up growing on me though. I am just not a fan of the verse structure right now.

Overall, the album keeps chugging along with a lot of violence and a lot of potential. I cannot stop listening to it myself, so I know that a lot of people will be getting into this one. You want to check it out.

The Serpent’s Redemption Track Listing:
1. Crawl Away and Bleed Forever
2. Darkness, My Soul
3. Burn
4. The Serpent’s Redemption
5. Forgotten in Graves
6. Incubus Descending
7. Skull Collector
8. Scorched Earth

Bombs of Hades Line-up:
Jonas Stålhammar – Vocals / Guitars
P-O Söderback – Guitars
Magnus Forsberg – Drums
Anders Ekman – Bass

Bombs of Hades