Metal Review: Ad Patres – Scorn Aesthetics (2012)

Ad Patres - Scorn AestheticsNot much has been said about Ad Patres, an upstart death metal band, releasing their debut full-length album, Scorn Aesthetics, on September 3. What we have been hearing is that they were built for the stage. Scorn Aesthetics was apparently recorded with a live show in mind, so if you want to see them in all of their glory, check them out live and you will not be let down. As far as I go though, I have not seen them live, so I have their recorded work to judge them on.

From my gut reaction to Scorn Aesthetics, Ad Patres seems to have all of the talent needed to produce a fine death metal project, but are still showing how green they are with their full-length debut release. That is not necessarily a bad thing in any way because bands with many more releases under their belt have been shown to be more green than Ad Patres.

Listening to the album, Ad Patres does show phases of alternative tones on the album. While the majority of the album is straight on in your face death metal, there are many technical aspects to their sound and even some melodic solo work. The guitar work helps the album a lot which very tight riffing throughout the album and some decent solos. The drums are more than apt to keeping up with the guitar work. I would have probably liked to hear a little more bass in the mix and the vocals really need some cleaning up. They seemed to sit well in the mix, but seem out of place in some instances.

With all of that being said, I am really not crapping all over the album though. It was a nice album with plenty of things done right. If the vocals would have sold me better, then I would be all over this album, but for me, death metal vocals are so crucial to the success of a death metal band. Fans outside of the genre think that all death metal vocals are the same, but that is not even close to the case. Vocalists like John Tardy (Obituary) do not come around every day. Overall, a decent death metal release that will scratch that itch if you are jonesing for some new death metal.

Scorn Aesthetics Track Listing:
1. … (intro) 00:26
2. The Lock 02:48
3. Scars of Compromise 03:51
4. Circles of Red 03:51
5. To The Fathers 03:31
6. Scorn Aesthetics 02:58
7. In Vivo 03:22
8. Emphasize Nihility 03:29
9. Anti 03:00
10. All That Remains 04:15

Ad Patres