Led Zeppelin Hints at a New Release?

Led Zeppelin Hints at a New Release?It could mean nothing, but at the same time, it could mean everything. Yesterday, classic rock legends Led Zeppelin simply posted the word “five” on their Facebook page. It was the first post made by the band on that page in six months. It could mean that they are planning a Led Zeppelin V, or it could be an elaborate rouse. Of course, no official word has come from the band yet, but the Internet is going crazy over this. It would be their first album together in 30 years. Other sources are claiming that the band will release a new DVD/CD of their 2007 reunion for the Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert at London’s O2 Arena, speculating it will see the light of day this November.

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s manager, Peter Mensch alluded to the upcoming release in a tweet on Saturday, writing: “it’s almost here. I’ve seen it and heard it. almost 5 years to the day.” This tweet does make it seem like the latter is the case, but we will see.