HELLBOUND? – OPENING SEPTEMBER 28TH -All you need to know

Area23a Presents

Written/Directed by Kevin Miller

(spOILed, Sex+Money, With God On Our Side and Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed)

HELLBOUND? will open at the following Los Angeles area theater on September 28th:

Lemmle Playhouse 7 (673 East Colorado Boulevard Pasadena, CA)

Does hell exist? If so, who ends up there, and why? Featuring an eclectic group of authors, theologians, pastors, social commentators and musicians, HELLBOUND? is a provocative, feature-length documentary that looks at why we are so bound to the idea of hell and how our beliefs about hell affect the world we are creating today.

HELLBOUND? has a running time of 85 minutes.

Watch the official trailer: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/hellbound/

Check out the official website: http://www.hellboundthemovie.com/