DVD and Blu Ray Review-Spartacus-Vengeance-The Complete Second Season

In case you watch this TV show regularly and need something to inspire you to purchase it, these are the special features.

Special Features

• Starz Studios – Spartacus: Vengeance
• The Making Of Spartacus: Vengeance
• Behind The Camera: Directing The Rebellion
• On The Set With Liam McIntyre
• Burning Down The House: The VFX of Episode 205
• The Legend of Spartacus
• Famous Last Words
• Bloopers
• Spartacus: War of the Damned teaser

Review-I will be honest, the first season of Spartacus was amazing. You know when the season ended it would be very hard to top it, but almost impossible without Andy Whitfield, what he brought to the role of Spartacus was on par with what Michael C Hall brought to the role of Dexter. It was another one of those television characters that we wanted to follow and get behind. That being said it is pretty clear from the first episode how bad Andy would be missed, Liam McIntyre while good in his own way, is not even close to having the presence of Andy. Like most shows you expect on channels like Starz, HBO and etc. the material on this show is very adult, in terms of sexuality and violence. That is the one thing that Spartacus continued from the first season that I am a fan of, how graphic and intense this show does get. The first 3 episodes of this season were so weak, and such a letdown, even though by episode 4 they start to pick up and each episode after tries just as hard, I just felt that it missed the magic and attitude that season one gave us.

I felt the writing on this show seemed more to want to imitate then create, and that the characters were so one dimensional without really much heart, passion or personality. While first season came across with its own identity, the plot and characters this season came across like Gladiator-lite and the violence seemed to borrow a lot from 300. The depiction of Rome seems to be very inaccurate of what we have come to learn from other films and history books, but this show is meant to be fiction and not accurate, but they seem to want to rewrite roman history as they went thru the season. This show seems to have no issue giving us sex, but cannot create character depth to save its life. It seems each episode this season had to have some kind of hook and twist to keep us interested, that it knew it would not accomplish this with the script and action. Like Immortals, this gives us the Romans and their world as seen thru the eyes of the meek, the ones who eventually will try to defy Rome.

My main gripes that I voiced in this review are probably the main reason I am going to be interested in the next chapter and what it offers upcoming. If you can get thru the first few episodes and can get used to Liam and what he offers to the role, you may like this. I love that television seems to be getting more and more adult and edgy and less soap opera, and this show is a great example of a good idea that worked once, failed the second time but may still be worth watching. We shall see very soon.

5 out of 10