Devin Townsend – New Album Epicloud Streaming Online

Devin Townsend - EpicloudDevin Townsend’s new album Epicloud has been made available for streaming on The stream comprises the first disc of the album; a second disc will be available on the deluxe edition of the album.

The album will be released next Tuesday on September 18th in North America and slightly later on September 24th in Europe through InsideOut. According to Townsend himself, the 13-song opus is unique in that he’s interested in “simpler, commercial structures.”

Epicloud Track Listing:

Disc I
01. Effervescent!
02. True North
03. Lucky Animals
04. Liberation
05. Where We Belong
06. Save Our Now
07. Kingdom
08. Divine
09. Grace
10. More!
11. Lessons
12. Hold On
13. Angel
14. Epicloud [Vinyl bonus]

Disc II [Deluxe Edition bonus]
01. Believe [demo]
02. Happy Birthday [demo]
03. Quietus [demo]
04. Heatwave [demo]
05. Love Tonight [demo]
06. The Mind WASP [demo]
07. Woah No! [demo]
08. Love And Marriage [demo]
09. Socialization [demo]
10. Little Pig [demo]