Comic Book Review-The Tower Chronicles

Legendary Entertainment is publishing a comic book. Well when you think about that statement it seems like, ok so what- but this is the studio that gave us The Dark Knight trilogy and 300 among other things. Now, you see what the deal is. Matt Wagner really creates a little comic book that really blew me away somewhat. It really was very action filled and had a very creepiness to it that will keep you interested throughout. The art is done by Simon Bisley who really shines and shows he is a master of his craft. What I was sent was a sneak preview of the Geisthawk which is currently available as of today. The Towers Chronicles is a tale that follows a super natural bounty hunter/monster hunter named John Tower and while his prices are expensive he seems to be a pro at what he does. This sample gave us a look into what John does on a daily basis, and keeps us hanging on to buy the full length comic.

What makes this comic I assume a better than average read from what I gathered was that this read covers just about every aspect of the supernatural but the character of John just comes across as more than a bounty hunter, and seems to be well aware of this dangerous and dirty world he is a part of, and tries not to be swallowed up by it. Though this review will be positive, there are some negatives to this comic as well and they make me wonder how this would turn out on the big screen. The pacing of this comic in the 12 pages I read seems weird, one page is just dialogue that is decent enough and one page seems to be action, then back again and forth again. Being a semi ok comic book fanatic, I always like my action and dialogue to co-exist together not seem like a red light, green light effect. The other negative was this was just too short, it seemed like half the size of a regular comic book.

I am interested in how the other chapters in this comic book will play out, and how a serious die hard comic book fan would take this comic. In a year where DC unleashed the New 52’s and Marvel is trying to break new ground with its main characters, I am just now sure how this comic book could do in the long run. I mean the short run, you tell people this is the studio that gave them all their geek dream films and mine as well, they will be curious but I am not sure if this comic can hold their curiosity to make them invest in this story. All in all, it was a fun little read and I am looking forward to seeing where this story goes enough to recommend it,

7.5 out of 10