Blu Ray Review-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

In 1986, Tobe Hooper gave us the sequel to the 1974 classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre. How do you create a sequel to a film that was almost based on real life events, and was so horrific and tried to come across as realistic? It would be like making a sequel to The Passion of the Christ, where it does not revolve around religion. I remember me and my roommate going on opening night to see this film, and walking out in true fanboy fashion crying and bitching that this was not Texas Chainsaw Massacre, just like we walked out of Halloween III that there was no Michael Myers. Thank god the internet did not exist then. Here we are many, many years later and now I get to watch this for the first time in almost 26 years on Blu Ray.

The plot is basically about female DJ Vantia Block who in almost a nod to Play Misty for Me is hosting her show and some trouble makers start to call and bug her. While on the phone with her, she hears the kids being killed by Leatherface, so now the police want her to play the recording over the radio in hopes of nabbing the killer. The Leatherface family in this film has a new member, and his name is Chop Top. Played by Bill Moseley and I loved the sick psychotic deranged character almost as much as I did Dennis Hopper playing lieutenant Lefty. This film is not as realistic as the first one, nor does it need to be. But, it is just as sick and very odd. In a scene that felt to be the inspiration of a scene in the Devil’s Rejects, a woman wears her friends face. Lefty is a family member of one of the victims in the first film and is out for revenge. Of course, you know they will kidnap the radio dj that is also known as Stretch. We get to see this underground layer of the family that seems inspired by a theme park.

I think in 1986, people were not ready for this to be the next installment of this franchise. Today, this film seems to fit better than it did before. I now realize the film was a bigger budget production, and the atmosphere and mood of the film was creepier and more intense, than the original. Even, though I am a huge fan of the original and this film does not even come close to comparing, but it is not a bad film or awful, it is just a misunderstood film. Where the first film was more reality based, this film seems more horror lore based, where you can use human bodies as props in a layer, where you can chase people in a truck with a guy on top of it with a chainsaw, and on a bridge at that. And the ending battle with bat shit insane Lefty battling Leatherface with chainsaws, it is just horror movie nonsense, that works for us horror fans that want the escape a horror film can provide.

I wish this film would have laid its story line out early and helped us with the story and plot early on. We did not know who Lefty was and his intentions till after the film started going, so we are wondering in the first scenes why is Lefty so mad and obsessed, what are his intentions and why does he want to find the family so badly? And when in the fuck did Leatherface get emotions? Seriously, you have a killing machine that murders and mutilates people, and you are trying to create sympathy? That is like asking the Jaws shark to cry on cue. All this aside, it was not the worst film in history or even a waste of time, I enjoyed it more now that I understood it more. I just wish they would stop making Texas Chainsaw Films, let’s call it a day finally.

7 out of 10