Blu Ray Review-Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Finally out on Blu Ray, I know this was available for the longest time on the Midnight Movies collection from MGM, but this was the one film that I had to see on Blu Ray. The results are mixed, not so much about the film and the transfer, but for the special features. I always felt if there was one Blu Ray release to fully get behind and put the full treatment on, this would be it. 24 years have passed this film came out, and every film critic and horror fan know this film not as just another film about clowns, we know this as a cult classic, that no matter how many times we watch it, it never loses anything and still is fun.

This film took the theory that clowns are scary and to be feared and threw it right out the window. This film seems more inspired by 50’s sci fi more than any horror film. While these clowns are more alien-ish in their approach, they want to just kill and eat us. They land on our planet in the deep woods outside of Crescent Cover in a space shift that resembles a circus tent. A small group of locals are out to stop them, and the results are utter cheese and hilarious.

The clowns use cotton candy guns, create shadow puppets that can attack, and spread popcorn that grows monsters that help the clowns. This film is just so creative and unique that once you witness it, you will want to watch it over and over. This is that film that parents can pass on to their kids, and have them sharing it with their friends. For such a low budget film, this film has so much going for it that you really know that people do not cash to be able to produce quality if they just use their surroundings and heads. This is such homage to the films that our parents, grandparents used to go on dates to watch at the drive in. They make weapons out of balloons.

Now, there are a few negatives to this film like the plot, while the effects and the clowns are awesome and fun, the plot and the human characters sort of fell flat, but this added to the fun for the most part. While the creativity went more into the effects, I wish they would have put just as much into the script and the plot, but if they did this film would lose its charm. Now, I am not saying that this film is not awesome, it truly is, and I have seen this film around 9 times now and the blu ray transfer is just breathtaking and the best transfer to date, I am saying that this film has flaws and issues.

When you look at the big picture of what this film is, you have to admit that even the worst negative you can make added to the fun that is Killer Klowns. I just wish this would have been a double blu ray with a bonus disc of tons of extras, and maybe a retrospective or a history. With horror documentaries being all the rage in the last few years, I feel that this has a big enough following that would love a look back thru the eyes of all involved. If you have never seen this film before, you should rush out and buy this immediately, get the blu ray. If you need a reason to double dip, beside the transfer there is not really anything else I can tell you to buy this for. This is the best sound and picture to date, and I have the Midnight Movie dvd version and the original that MGM put out in 1989. If you are new, buy this now if you have the dvd, and crave the best transfer buy it as well.

9 out of 10