Blu Ray Review-Jeepers Creepers

In the last few years MGM Home Video has decided to take its library and put the titles on Blu Ray. While the discs are affordable usually around 15.00 or less for most single discs, they really are not putting any new touches on the special features. So the only difference is Blu Ray quality as opposed to the dvd transfer. So, if you have the dvd for Jeepers Creepers and are a diehard fan, and would want a reason to double dip, the picture and sound is a big improvement. Since 2001, as most of us know technology has changed and MGM has really shown that it wants to give us the best possible quality. With Jeepers Creepers, the only bad thing is I know they are finishing up part 3, and I am scared that when the release nears, that we are given a new blu ray with new stuff and a uncut version. But, that is my biggest fear with most of the stuff I own, it sucks to be a collector.

Now onto the film, if you never seen Jeepers Creepers let me tell you the plot, and give you a review of the actual movie. Trish and Darry are a brother and sister on their way home for spring break, on this deserted road in the middle of nowhere they witness someone throwing what looks like bodies into a drainage pipe, when they investigate what they see confirms that they were not dreaming. So what happens, when the creature wants to kill the people the witnesses? Watching this again for the first time in a decade, had a different effect on me this time. I guess now that I am more familiar now with Justin Long than I was then and I realize even though he has been in a few horror films, is not a great actor for horror films. A true story, on one of my dates with my now wife, I took her and my mother in law to the movies to watch this film. My issues with the film then still are apparent today. This film is such a slow starting film, it takes forever for this film to get going, but when it does it really is fun. I understand the need to start off with building up the characters, but it takes about 35 minutes to 40, to get moving and some action.

I am not saying what the first part offered was awful, but I thought it was just really slow starting and slow building. Now, the second half of the film with the creature and the blood and gore, was pretty fun stuff. I know people will bitch still till this day, but I did not mind the ending and thought it was fitting. I meant you had to know all the buildup would have a pay off like that. I mean, compared to the sequel that tried to be like a Creeper Jaws film, this film was at least watchable and fun for the most part. God, the sequel is such a waste of time and so awful. And judging by the 3rd installment sequel that I watched the trailer last January,( and thought it looked just as bad as two) makes me hope that this concept dies after this one. This is a clear example of a film that sort of worked once, but should have been left alone. But, who knows when I get offered the blu ray for two, I may warm up to it more now it has been a few years since I last experienced it.

All in all, if you never seen this film before, you should at least witness it once.

7.5 out of 10