Blu Ray Review-Hostel & Hostel II – Blu-ray Double Feature

Unleashed from Mill Creek Entertainment on October 9th

I am going to do this a little different, I am going to post a review and history of the films which most all of us have seen, and then after will be what I thought of the transfer to Blu Ray.

The Hostel films are to me the equivalent of a meteor heading towards this planet at a record speed. They were two films that I was not quite ready for, but once I experienced them I wanted to tell the world about them. I am a lifelong horror fan, and I take any opportunity to rush out and see the latest horror film and am ready to either love it or be ready to spew my hate. I remember going to see Hostel for the first time, I ran out the theater and was so in love with the horror genre again, then did a double feature with Wolf Creek. While extreme films have been around forever, and with Saw and Scary Movie really setting the bar higher with how much an R rated movie can get away with, you knew someone was going to take this as a challenge and just see how open the MPAA is to look the other way and let a movie pass. Let’s be honest, love or hate the Hostel films you have to admit they really raised the bar for material being suited for an American audience without being unrated.

Eli Roth to me is a director who is always looking for ways to challenge his audience and their willingness to witness people absorbing torture and punishment and wonder how much someone can take till the victimizer just puts them out of their misery. While I remember me, my girlfriend at the time who later married me and my cousin going to see Cabin Fever on opening day and while we are not die hards of the movie, you just knew that the director was going to be a name in horror. The same feeling I got when I went to a horror fest and saw The Roost in its premiere, and thought Ti West was going to get people talking. The Hostel films take victims from both males in the first and females in the second and give us any sick act and all the blood you can ask for. While loosely based on a true story, and inspired by what Takashi Miike was pulling off, came the concept called Hostel.

For me, in modern horror cinema while Inside and Martyrs are to me the best two films of the last ten years. The first two Hostel films and the Saw first 3 are what you call a rite of passage to anyone who is new and old enough to watch, that is what they have to watch. Where when we were kids it was Jaws, Exorcist and Rosemary Baby to start off with and go to films like The Shining. Today’s horror fan are so spoiled that if you are not drowning them in blood and gore and abusing every woman to the point that she is beaten to submission they are not satisfied. Films like Hostel while I love it, along with part 2 this film can be the direct blame of the new standard in film that enough is not enough, you have to keep delivering and delivering. I think when the paranormal bug bit Hollywood; it made a lot of budget directors very happy because now it had an easier premise to work with. Torture porn while it seems to be dying down to dead, still to me is one of the best sub genres I felt horror has had since Jaws made water horror churn out all those knock offs. I am an extremist, I have to see the most extreme stuff and then I want more. Anyone who can watch films like Singapore Sling and the documentary Sick and not turn away has issues and I clearly do. I mean I dragged my wife and all my friends to see the two Hostel films, and we all had a blast with them. So, if you do not own the two Hostel films, you need to own this chunk of horror film history.

The Transfer-Let’s be honest you know with the price tag what to expect. The picture quality and screen ratio are not good, and the sound is not true high definition. But, it is ten dollars for both the Hostel films and you cannot go wrong with the price tag. There are no special features, and both of them are one disc. But, I did not have the blu ray and had to have it. So, I can excuse all the technical difficulties and just want to have it, just too finally own it. I would say why didn’t they do this and that, but let’s be honest if they did everything we wanted, this blu ray would not be on the cheap and people would then bitch about the price. If you do not own the dvds, you would be safe to buy this and it would be a lot cheaper and you get to watch both back to back. Mill Creek is a label that while the quality may be not of a few people’s liking, they respect the fans and give you cheap prices on films that they double and triple up to give you awesome deals.

The films
Hostel 9 out 10
Hostel II-9 out of 10

The Transfer to blu ray-2 out of 10