Blu Ray Review-Hardware

Special Features

•Audio Commentary with Director Richard Stanley

•No Flesh Shall Be Spared – All-New Documentary featuring interviews with Cast and Crew

•’Incidents In An Expanding Universe’ – Early Super 8 Version of HARDWARE

•’The Sea of Perdition’ – 2006 Richard Stanley Short Film

•’Rites of Passage’ – Early Richard Stanley Short Film

•Richard Stanley on Hardware 2

•Theatrical Trailer Deleted, Extended & Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Plot-Finally out on Blu Ray, thank you Severin Films. In the desert wasteland of a very bleak future, a scavenger known as a Zone Tripper discovers some robotic parts which he sells on to a marine returning home. After failing to negotiate a decent price with a local junk dealer Alvy, the marine, Mo, decides to give the robot to his girlfriend Jill as a Christmas present. But as she begins to use the wreckage in a sculpture she’s been working on, a frantic call from Alvy brings Mo back to the junk yard, where he discovers that the robot is more than just a service droid. Directed by Richard Stanley.

Review-Any film you get a cameo by Lemmy as a cab driver and he is playing Iron Fist on the trip is well worth the rental. Let’s be honest, if you come to this website, more than likely you have seen this film and are reading this review to know if this is worth the blu ray dip. I have the dvd and the quality on the original print released back in 1991, the picture was so grainy and the sound was not the best. With today’s technology, blu ray and hi def TV’s, anytime you get a blu ray transfer of a classic, I would say it is always worth the double dip. Richard Stanley is one of those directors who always seem to come under fire with fans. Whether it is Hardware or Dust Devil, and even his involvement with Dr Moreau and Theatre Bizarre, he always seems to get a bad rap, and watching Hardware, I sort of see both sides of this argument. Hardware is good film, but not a great film. This film is leaps and bounds better than Johnny Mneomic which also tried to be the cyber punk futuristic film.
As a whole the picture quality warrants the double dip along with the sound quality. To revisit this film almost 20 plus years later with today’s technology is all the reason you need. Also, Stanley discusses his ideas behind the intended Hardware 2: Ground Zero script on the supplemental features that was written at the time of the first film but was never made due to legalities between studios that has prevented him from fully realizing his concept on a grander scale.
All in all, this was a fun film.

7.5 out of 10