Blu Ray Review-Beyond the Black Rainbow

To describe this film is like trying to describe an LSD hallucination or the fall from sanity to insanity. The plot of this experimental head trip (because I refuse to think of this in the medium of film, it is more of images meant to manipulate our subconscious to make us think we are witnessing the combination of art and just plain insane imagery) is just basically a doctor holding a girl captor and the girl wanting to escape. When the film opens we are given an infomercial set during the Reagan era. The Arboria Institute is creating a reality that is being done thru something they call Nero Psychology. After the infomercial we are introduced to Elena, who seems like a heavily sedated little girl who is being observed by a doctor who seems like on the surface he is just an ordinary doctor, but as the film goes on you start to learn that he has some issues and problems of his own, that therapy would not ever be able to heal.

We learn that Elena is being held captive in this closed off facility that looks like something out of a 50’s sci fi film set, more than a hospital. As the film plays on it goes from odd to just plain bizarre. This film which incorporates the feeling of an acid trip with the path of some acid laced fairy tale is original and really going to fry your brain because you may understand this film or you may just be so amazed by how beautiful it looks not care. This is clearly the first film that has given you less of a plot and more of a blurred vision of imagination and just how far they could push the boundaries for making something unique. This film defines that once in a lifetime film that most everyone shoots to give you fans. I will clearly say, this may be a film that a lot of people will not get, and may not share the same praise as I do, but it is a film that demands your full attention, and one that is so odd and different you cannot predict what will happen next, much less what is happening now. Definately a film that is one of a kind, and we can all agree on that.

The last ten minutes of the film felt odd, because a film that was so built around creativity and originality, would choose that way to set up that ending. It felt somewhat anti-climactic. But, trust me this film is far from bad, and quite frankly will be on a lot of people’s top ten lists at the end of the year. This film felt like the trip thru the mind of an insane genius. My favorite part of the film, is hard to describe but it involved an ink like substance and this sequence of shots that looked like he was going thru some kind of rabbit hole like in Alice in Wonderland. All in all, this film should be watched repeatedly and embraced for the odd fun it was. Another negative, where are the special features? You gave us like a three minute face melting scene, but nothing else. I would have loved a making of, or a director commentary.

9 out of 10