Bloody Christmas comes to DVD on 10/23‏

In the grand tradition of holiday horrors (Halloween, April Fools Day, Happy Birthday To Me) comes Bloody Christmas, a new film from Long Island film maker Michael Shershenovich, available via Planetworks and MVD on October 23. The film offers a unique experience by shying away from a typical slasher and drifting into stylish cinematography, all while not taking the subject matter too seriously.

Paul Awful of Movies From Mars writes:
“One scene that stands out visually is a dream sequence (or should I say nightmare) which was shot on 16mm that gets the audience inside a demented and damaged Santa Clause mind. I couldn’t believe a independent film maker was able to pull off such an elaborate and stylized shot.”

In a small town Police are in search for a child murderer. Meanwhile Rich Tague a has been 80’s action movie star, is attempting to figure out the meaning of Christmas as he plays Santa on a Public Access T.V show. He fantasizes about murdering the people that do him wrong. Will he have the strength to not be on his own naughty list?

“Its never clear or not if Bloody Christmas is an attack on the church, consumerism or if the writings came from some weirdo Republican who wants to save the ideology of Christmas. Either way, once Santa and the priest cross paths it makes for an entertaining and Bloody Christmas.” – Paul Awful | Movies From Mars


– Geretta Geretta (Demons, Sweetiecakes)
– Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger, Rocky, Terror Firmer)
– Robert Arensen (You Belong to Me, A Man Without A Country)
– Robert Youngren (Desperate Endeavors, I Spill Your Guts)
– Steve Montague (Ultrachrist!, I Spill Your Guts)

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