VHS Review: Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The ground trembles when she gets angry. Dirty, cheating bastards around the world should take notes from this cult classic black and white science fiction flick about a mentally troubled heiress that transforms into a 50 foot giant. I will admit that I was slightly disappointed in this film. The cover is misleading. She never wreaks havoc over freeways or a large city. She destroys a bar and plays with the power lines and looking sexy while doing it. All of this destruction doesn’t happen until the last ten minutes of the film. No reason to worry though! The film is only 74 minutes long. There’s a lot of padding in the film. Mindless chatter and dancing.

That being said, the story line works and the acting was pleasing. The voluptuous and gorgeous Allison Hayes was known for a lot of B-Movies around this time and she was talented. This time around she’s the star and a giant who is out for blood! All she wanted was for her husband to be by her side but he was too busy with Miss Honey, Yvette Vickers, who is also attractive but not quite as attractive as Hayes. Nancy (Hayes) is the town’s drunken mess and rich girl. Nancy sees a satellite and a bald giant that reaches out for her diamond, supposedly the biggest diamond in the world. That’s right, this giant steals diamonds! Nobody, especially the police force, believes Nancy’s ramblings about giants and her husband Harry, played by William Hudson, wants to have her committed again so he can be with Honey. That’s right, she has been committed before. Finally, Nancy gets tired of being accused of being crazy so she takes Harry on a joy ride to prove that she isn’t crazy. The two discover the satellite and Nancy is pulled in by the giant, transparent man. Dickface Harry tries shooting at him but bullets do not do the trick so he takes off, leaving Nancy alone in the giant’s palm. Mr. Giant brings Nancy home where her doctors continue to handle her care and Harry tries to take off with Honey but is ultimately captured by the police. We don’t get to see what Nancy looks like right away but she’s rapidly changing. What I don’t understand is how her hand becomes so large but the rest of her body stays the same? They try to chain her up but nothing can stop this growing giant – Obsessed with her husbands love. Nancy tears through the house and terrorizes the town until she finds Harry and his mistress. I adored the butler, played by Ken Terrell. He had been looking after Nancy since she was a little girl. He is an honest man that looks after her. Even when her two timing husband is up to no good.

Directed by Nathan Juran, who made several fun B-Movie flicks! He was actually embarrassed by this film’s low budget and poor quality. Juran is known for 20 Million Miles to Earth, Lost in Space, and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.

The special effects are pretty laughable but this was 1958. I expected to see a giant rubber hand. I couldn’t understand why you can see through the giants. Seriously, why are they transparent? I also do not believe she appeared as tall as she was suppose to in a couple scenes. According to IMDB, the film grossed $480, 000 with an estimated $88, 000 budget.

A sequel in color was in the works but the film never went into production. There is a remake starring Daryl Hannah and Daniel Baldwin from the early 90s. I have a love/hate relationship with the film. I always believed they could have found someone better for the role of Nancy, instead of Hannah.

My Key Video copy had to be adjusted a little but overall it wasn’t a bad copy. I adore the cover and I want a poster badly! It’s #8 on the 25 Best Movie Posters Ever by Premiere Magazine.