Triple Music Review-Marty Friedman-Bad D.N.A—Loudspeaker—Future Addict

Studio Album, released in 2008

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Barbie (1:00)
2. Simple Mystery (3:44)
3. Tornado of Souls – 5:23
4. Burn the Ground (4:27)
5. Where My Fortune Lies (4:45)
6. Breadline (3:54)
7. The Pit And The Pendulum (5:18)
8. The Killing Road (4:21)
9. 雑音の雨 (Static Rain) (2:48)
10. Secret of the Stars (4:11)
11. Massive (2:59)
12. Tears Of An Angel (5:16)

Marty Friedman – guitars
Jeremy Colson – vocals, drums
Billy Sheehan – bass
Masaki – bass
Jeff Loomis – Guest guitar
Elizabeth Schall – Additional backup vocals

Future Addict almost sounds like a band cd and not a solo instrumental cd. The other 2 releases showcase Marty’s skills, this cd almost sounds like the Vai-Sex and Religion cd in terms of having a full band with Jeremy Colston on drums and vocals as well. This cd almost comes across as a punk record in terms of delivery and style. Tornado of Souls sounds like Marty took notes of Dave Mustaine and his failed MD45 project with Lee Ving. From the album’s opening track Simple Mystery you get a radio friendly vibe before shifting gears in almost a punkish metal feel. The choruses are catchy and commercial, but the lyrics are very heavy based. But it does come across as sort of a emo feeling song, even with Marty’s guitars, it just sounds like he is stretching his boundaries and trying new things, which is part of the charm of the majority of this cd. It is not what you would expect from Marty. I will be honest getting into this trio of cds, I expected what I expect when I hear any guitarist solo record, what made them a guitarist I was into. Whether, it is Jeff Loomis, James Murphy or even Paul Stanley. I would be as a fan upset if I bought these and found out they are trying to be something they are not and not what I expected them to be.

Songs like Pit and the Pendulums and Burn the Ground are easily two classic Megadeth sounding songs, with the punk vocals. The guitar opening in Burn the Ground is really a cool reminder that Marty did not forget his metal roots. This cd sounds like when Dave was in his punk phase in the mid to late 80’s, if you took that attitude with the music direction from Risk that is where this cd lies. Friedman packs quite the punch still to the music industry and would really be a welcome addition to any metal line up these days for a return. Hey if Dave Jr. can get back in Mustaine’s good graces why not Marty? This cd was not too bad, and I really liked the Johnny Rotten feel of the vocals, and if no one told me that this was a Marty Friedman solo record, I would never have guessed. This while very commercial and emo feeling was a pleasant shock, what a good cd.

8 out of 10

1.”Elixir” – 4:35
2.”Street Demon (Santa Rosa Wrecking Crew Mix)” – 3:30
3.”Black Orchid” – 4:31 (featuring John Petrucci)
4.”Paradise Express” – 4:47
5.”Sekai Ni Hitotsu Dake No Hana” – 4:16
6.”Glycerine Flesh” – 5:15
7.”Stigmata Addiction” – 7:07
8.”Viper” – 3:05 (featuring Steve Vai)
9.”Static Rain (Instrumental Version)” – 2:51
10.”Coloreas Mi Vida” – 3:13
11.”Devil Take Tomorrow” – 3:59

‘Loudspeaker’ features guest appearances by Steve Vai, John Petrucci (Dream Theater), and bassist Billy Sheehan.

The Press Release told me this is supposed to be Friedman’s most heavy and aggressive sounding record, I am sad to say that statement is half true. The first track Elixir is just a heavy song that all Marty purists could get behind. It is reminiscent of this Rest in Peace years, and fans would really be all about this song. But, towards the middle has this break that leads into some melodic riff that while sounds very catchy, made absolutely no sense and took away from the brutality of the track. I understand wanting to showcase many styles, but some styles do not mesh together. Street Demons also falls into the same category, a song that just starts off with so much promise then heads into so many directions that did not make sense. But, I am happy the cd at least is trying so far to be heavy edged. Black Orchid sounds like Black Flag meets what The Ramones. The guitar riffs in this song are technically very cool sounding but as the song goes on, it does get a bit redundant. I love some of the fretwork and riffs, but I wish some of the songs would be just straight forward one way or another, not a meshing of two cultures that do not mix. Like Punk and classic rock seem like a win on paper, without vocals and just instruments they are not such a win. It just seems like a jam session that goes on for way too long. The music on this cd while trying to come across as different or edgy, it sounds so safe and predictable in terms of delivery and all the hooks. I know Friedman is a big name in Japan and has a TV show and does like the pop cds by anyone over there, but this cd feels like a big production that really lacks any real depth or personality, hell you can throw in passion and heart. This cd sounded like an anime soundtrack or something for a bad Japanese video game. Trust me, you will hear the opening riffs on these songs and think I do not know what I am talking about, but wait till the opening riffs are over and you get to the heart of the song, it is just horrible. I respect the musicianship and the people on this cd, but I expected so much more from this cd.

4 out of 10

2.BAD D.N.A.
3.Weapons of Ecstasy
5.Glorious Accident
6.Random Star
8.Battle Scars
9.School Spirit Delinquent
10.Exorcism Parade
11.Time to Say Goodbye

Album 3 was the shocker of the whole bunch, this is the one cd I wanted to like more than I did. I am a huge fan of what Marty offers to metal, and this cd sadly is not it. It is far too pop oriented to be considered metal, but has far too much metal riffs that pop radio would never embrace it. This is clearly anime inspired music. This does not sound like the work of a metal influence on guitar but sounds like someone who has lost his way in the music industry trying to find out where he fits in and how to make the most cash without having a soul. Hatejoke is proof that Marty still can go and has the riffs till the curse of the rising sun hits and Marty takes the song out of metal and goes into another lame realm. That is the biggest pet peeve on all three of these cds, why mix all these genres that do not fit together into one song? Just pick a style and go with it. Metal is not meant to be mixed with anime sounds and feeling. At times this cd comes across as such a heavy monster, with so much energy and bombastic riffs but then all of a sudden Marty will change the tempo or direction and destroy the feeling that was building up. Megadeth fans would really hate this cd the most out of the releases; they would throw this away within seconds of putting it on their stereos. I was so bored with this cd it all sounded alike, and nothing really stood out. This is the true definition of someone who sold out. What an awful cd, and if you have a sleeping disorder please at all means buy this cd, it could help you with it. Now you know why I saved this for last.

1 out of 10