Summerslam 2012-preview and predictions

It is that time of the year yet again, Summerslam. This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of the event. Me personally before we get into this card, the 3 hour Raw show is starting to wear thin, then throw in another 2 hours of television on Fridays. While TNA has been picking it up since their show started going live and really showing a lot of growth, it seems the WWE is really getting so predictable and maybe there is just too much WWE product. I am not a fan of the PG era, I know the attitude era is long gone and will never come back but I just wish the WWE really started to make exciting tv again and really pushing their product in at least a more mature level. Though, it does have some bright spots here and there with talent like Dolph, Bryan and a few others. Alright enough complaining, let’s look at the card and make some statements and predictions.

WWE Title Match
Big Show vs. John Cena. vs. CM Punk

Let’s be honest, the WWE are so behind this CM Punk push right now, I do not see them letting up till Rock beats him at the Rumble. That would be what the predictable WWE would do. But, TNA threw a monkey wrench into the online rumor boards and showed them that unpredictability is always welcome when Robert Roode lost his title and then his rematch. We all predicted that Bound for Glory would be Storm and Roode for the title, but it looks like now it will be Aries and maybe Hardy. Fans would shit on a Cena win, the young kids and women may not but the die hards are not so ready for Superman Cena to have another run. Big Show is the odd man out, he seems to get into these programs just to be constantly jobbed out. I was a fan of Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk, and those matches are the best matches of this title reign. This match just does not have that spark that makes me care. But, Rock has spoken and when CM got an offense move and Rock sold, that is the Rock saying, “CM is who I am passing the honor to for Rumble”… If Cena wins, then Dolph will cash in and win. If Punk wins he holds it till the Rumble, if Show wins it, Russo is back in the WWE.

CM Punk retains

Brock Lesnar vs HHH

This match to me could have the internet most up in arms. If HHH wins, the rumor boards will blow up. To me, this is a must win for Lesnar he has been a major flop since returning, and he needs his heat and appeal back. I think the WWE are punishing Brock for going to UFC and being so vocal about WWE in the past, and that if they plan on Taker vs Lesnar at Mania for the streak, this is the kind of match that Lesnar not only needs to win, but needs to annihilate HHH. Now, we all know that HHH is part of the family and that his ego needs to win. He beats CM Punk, he gets the big Taker matches time after time, and you know his ego will be on display here. If Brock wins cheaply it will hurt him more than help, and if Brock loses in any way or form, I do not see what Lesnar could do next, but quit. The loss to Cena was so huge, you dominate him every week, and then get him in a match and beat his ass so bad to have him come back and win. It was just bad booking, but this is a chance to make up for this. If HBK comes out, I see HHH winning. But, I will pray that they have their fucking acts together Sunday night.

Brock Lesnar wins

World Title Match
Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio

One of the biggest mistakes is to go on an interview and say your heart is not really in wrestling and you are looking forward to retiring once your contract ends. Alberto Del Rio is his own worst enemy. He has been given so many chances to catch on and fails and then goes on interviews and shits on the business. Sheamus is super over with the PG crowd and we know he is buddies with HHH behind the scenes, so if he loses it will be when Dolph cashes in on him. I think whoever wins; Dolph cashes in and finally gets the chance to shine. Dolph needs the title more than either one of these guys.

Dolph Ziggler cashes in and wins the World Title

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Rey Mysterio vs The Miz

Another confusing storyline, you give Miz the title and since he has won, he has either been pinned constantly or looking foolish. I think Miz is talented and when he wore the WWE Title really was a great champ. If Rey wins, it is for the greater pay off and that is a feud with Sin Cara and gets that Latino following more involved. I think this run with Miz has been a complete disaster, and if he beats Rey, he will job out on Monday and all the way to the next PPV when he gets to shine in his next defense. The Miz character right now needs damage control and to work on getting him back to where he was a short year and half ago. Plus, what does Rey gain overall with this title run? Rey, can job out day to day and the fans will still love him and it would not damage him at all. The Miz though is still on a proving time, that people really want more from him. He has to retain.

The Miz retains.

Kane vs Daniel Bryan

Talk about something that just works, Daniel Bryan is quite frankly one of the most over people in WWE right now. I hate seeing him on the mid card, he deserves to be in the title picture and at least be in the hunt at every PPV. To me, Kane since his return was lacking and looking so blah, then got involved in the Punk and Bryan program, and he gained the most out of it. He showed people that he could hang with them, and gave some of his best matches in a very long time. This will seem odd, but Kane has more to gain out of this match then Bryan. Bryan will make Kane shine, and I think there is no way Bryan loses. Bryan to me is the WWE, he is the go to guy like Shawn was back in the day, and Taker was. This is the guy to go in the ring with and get noticed.

Daniel Bryan wins.

WWE Tag Title Match
Titus O’Neil and Darren Young vs Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

If you were to ask me a week ago who the tag champs were, and I watch weekly, I would not have guessed right. The lack of good tag teams really hurts WWE right now; well throw TNA in that as well. I think the USO’s should have had a go with the belts. The USO’s to me are so underused and so talented when they are given a steady schedule of tv matches. R-Truth to me when he turned face lost all his shine. I loved the heel stuff and felt that the damage that happened after Cena beat him hurt him so much. Kofi is another like Bryan and Dolph that should be in the title hunt more often. And Titus and Darren have one huge negative the stigma of AW. AW was fired in a way that was in the same vein of what happened to Daniel Bryan a few years back. But, instead of being silent like Bryan and getting fans to do his talking, AW went on rants daily and said some things that made even the people who supported him did not want him back. If they give the straps to Titus and Darren it would be the WWE way of doing business, you insult us we just give you more ammo to use. What good are those straps on Kofi and Ron anyway?

New Champs-Darren Young and Titus O’Neil and AW all over Twitter crying.

Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler

If Y2J wins, Ziggler cashes in and wins the belt. I know Chris is leaving for his tour, and his dates will be limited for a while. What does Jericho have to prove by winning? He won’t lose anything if he is beat with some cheap victory like feet on the ropes or tights. I think Y2J is the litmus paper to see if Dolph is ready for the title. I want to see Dolph win, but if that happens he won’t win the title and Sheamus retains. I will go against the grain and pick Ziggler and still think he is cashing in the same night and is champ.

Dolph Ziggler with some cheap win

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Santino Marella vs Antonio Cesaro

Claudio Castagnoli is another one of those ex ROH names that McMahon sees dollar signs in. You know once Antonio gets over and gets to the top of the card like Bryan and Punk; it will be Tyler Black up next. Now rumors of McMahon signing Alex Shelley from TNA, you know McMahon wants to make some statements just like he did when he raided federations in the 80’s. No matter how much business TNA and ROH do, they are not the WWE. And will always be considered the minor leagues. I am a Claudio fan, and know what he could bring to a feud with CM Punk or even John Cena down the line. My prediction is easy, finally Santino and his pathetic comedy wrestling shit ends as a champion, and please pull the trigger on Antonio and get him to the mid card and not the free pre show. What a fucking insult. Give Antonio a 35 minute match with Punk for the title, and watch the same magic you did at TLC with him and Bryan.

New Champ and future World Champion Antonio Cesaro.

More than likely another match

Ryback vs Jobbers.

I pray jobbers beat him, but come on their Skip Goldberg will not end yet. I think he will end up somewhere down the line winning a secondary title like maybe the Divas or something. I think we are going to see a major bigger push coming for him, and he beats the IC Champ soon. I think this Ryback thing seems to be a good idea for Vince, but it hurts in the long run. At least with Samoa Joe and the original Goldberg, it was fresh and they had competition who gave us the feeling they could lose at any minute. But, with people like Skip and even Crimson, it felt like a rip off more than something to get behind. Up next, the Cena rub when he helps him in a tag match.

Ryback wins and gets fed more but I hope the crowd really boos him out the building.

Where are the Divas? Did’nt they just ink Sara Del Ray? And Cheerleader Melissa right now, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky are on the market to bring in. This would be dumb not to get these women in and make this division mean something. Lita and Trish back in the day could main event Raw, TNA main events their women all the time and gets high numbers. A shame…