Short Review-Wrong Number

This 6 minute short is the latest from Patrick Rea, who to me is one of the best directors right now in any genre. His last film NailBiter will be hitting dvd very soon, and this short is something he did on the side. This involves a woman named Maggie who calls a wrong number of an elderly woman. We learn in the beginning that Maggie has her mom’s number on her cell, and when she dials the elderly woman picks up and starts a talk with her. We learn Maggie’s mom died a year earlier and she just calls the number hoping to hear her mom’s voice. Maggie gets a pep talk from the lady when she tells her she has had a bad day. With Rea and his style of film making, what you see on the surface is not what you get when the story unfolds, and there is a little twist to this film that I will say was classic Patrick.

Patrick Rea could be our generation’s Hitchcock, and if you been to any festival, anywhere, you may have seen some of his shorts or even his feature film and agree. Patrick has learned the trick of creating a mood that exists from what you think you are witnessing. You just watch this phone call and if you are familiar with Rea, you know there is more to this phone call and you are trying to figure it out. And, he throws a curve ball that you should have seen coming, but was cleverly disguised.

If they ever release a compilation of Patrick Rea short films, I will say right now rush out quickly and buy it. NailBiter is another film that you should add to that shopping list of things to look forward to. Patrick is not the future of this genre, he is the right now. So much talent packed in a little bite, what a good little short.

8 out of 10