(Short) Movie Review-Door Room Psycho

Plot-This 13 minute short is about a college student named Derrick who finds himself accused of 13 murders. The murders occur in alphabetical order by victims’ names so they deem him as the “alphabet killer”. Well, Derrick gets a very dry humored less than happy lawyer who is more concerned with his reputation than Derrick’s rights. This short is basically about the court case and how the attorney wants Derrick to plead insanity so he won’t go to jail. Which Derrick maintains he is innocent the whole time.

Review-The film has a ton of potential and heart, while some of the acting is really not the best, but it is far from being the worst though. This film has some humor that worked in it, and at 13 minutes it was at least not boring. This film seems to have an interesting take on the justice system and the insanity plea that made me know that a lot of attention was paid to doing this script. This film almost played out like a demented indie version of My Cousin Vinny more than a horror film. There is a killing in this film, but no blood and body is seen, it is just a passing thing that if you blink you may miss it.
The actors playing Derrick and the Lawyer did a good enough job to keep your attention and may even give you a giggle or a smirk at times. This film is a labor of love, and maybe a plea to a studio to throw some money into a project and help them out. I know it played at a Shriekfest and pleased the crowd and I had fun with this little film that I would love to see what they could do with say 30 minutes or more. I will not sell you that this is an amazing short, but for what it offers you could enjoy it and have some fun.

My hope is that in a few weeks or a month to get an email and be told that Cook and co. got a budget and are going to make this a full length. That was the only negative about this film, beside some of the jurors looking like they are going to burst out laughing at some of the situations and dialogue, is that this film is incomplete. How could you leave us on a cliffhanger? All in all, it was fun and I think it is streaming right now on YouTube so you can check it out for free and by all means, email these guys and support their vision and give them some good feedback.

7 out of 10