Nightwish Photos from Kuopio Rockcock

Thanks to our friend TJ Fowler of Fowler Photography for these amazing photos of Nightwish playing live.

Nightwish performing at Kuopio RockCock 2012, Kuopio, Finland

Anette Olzon; Vocals

Marco Hietala; Bass, Vocals

Tuomas Holopainen; Keyboards

Emppu Vuorinen; Lead Guitar

Jukka Nevelainen; Drums

Photos courtesy of TJ Fowler of Fowler Photography:

Nightwish Official Homepage:

Kuopio RockCock 2012:

Nightwish performing at Kuopio RockCock 2012

  • TJ has some awesome talent. I love these Nightwish picturess a lot…Great job TJ!!!!