Music Review-Weep-Alate

Doc Hammer – guitar, vocals
Fred Macaraeg – bass guitar
Alex Dziena – keyboards
Bill Kovalcik – drums

It’s So Late 3:49
Halved Heart 4:07
Lies Like Prayers 4:28
Drift Towards Home 3:50
The Passion of Lovers 4:07
This Stolen Moon 5:54
Away To Nothing 3:48
Can’t Be True 6:52
They All Denied 4:19
Fifteen Times 4:05
Alate Ardor 5:58

Coming out August 28th thru Projekt Records

This is the first time in writing a music review that I am speechless. Not so much that this is some ground-breaking cd or anything negative, I am just stunned that this cd is out this year, this is just inspiring to all bands to not be afraid to delve into the past. This sounds like a cd that could have been all over the original 120 minutes in the 80’s and been flying off the shelves. For Weep, this is their best release to date but it is nowhere near Doc Hammer’s earlier gothic bands Requiem in White and Mors Syphilitica. While always being compared to bands like Sisters of Mercy (which if you do not have Vision Thing in your library then you are truly missing out) and Loveless era My Bloody Valentine, this sounds like old school alternative rock. This sounds like the cd to listen to after you play The Cure or Jesus and the Mary Chain.

Songs like The Passion of Lovers the Bauhaus cover, comes across as almost Joy Division esque or maybe a strong nod to Bauhaus, while other songs come across with a lot of reminiscent vocal sounds that can range from anyone in the 80’s or 70’s alt rock scene. This cd had so much familiarity to it, but I felt this during my first time listening to it. This cd goes from goth to a layering of keyboards and harmonizing guitars that almost sound like they were inspired to bring back yesterday’s cool.

Like the cover song, this cd is faithful to the goth and alternative scene and still keeps the personality that old school fans of Doc’s and Weep’s will be happy that they kept. The shocker was as great as the cover song was to me, this whole cd is a highlight that one song does not stand out as much as the whole cd does. This record is, according to Doc Hammer “not some smarty-pants release that critics and hipsters chew up and spit out, but a thing that delivers its milky payload for years to come.” Quite the statement that this cd does deliver on each track.

We live in a society that have this definition of music that music stores are called ITunes and that bands who are not on tv do not matter, and I think Doc’s husky vocals and the punk mixed with catchy 80’s bass-lines/synths that this cd for any serious music fan is a must. WEEP has created a dark yet satisfyingly upbeat pop album that fans of any band I mentioned in this review would cream over. This is just such an epic timeless cd that now I have listened to it at least three or so times, I cannot get it out of my head. This could have been Flesh for Lulu’s follow up. (That is such an interesting reference, because if this cd did not make me think Echo and The Bunnymen and The Cure started a super group, it sure did remind me of Flesh for Lulu). Where the formula for today’s music is hear it today and it is forgotten today, this is a cd that will get your attention and make you remember it. Projekt has created some interesting music that defies a genre and really is respecting the music fan so much. After listening to this cd I am going to play some Sisters of Mercy and The Leather Nun. God, do I miss the 80’s alternative music scene. This was a highly recommended cd.

9 out of 10