Music Review-Valfreya – Path to Eternity


Grazzt//Guitar & Back Vocals
Shark// Keyboards
Crook // Lead Vocals
Karhu// Guitar
Pinch// Bass
Mawhjey//Drums & Back Vocals

Track Listing

‘Path To Eternity’ (Intro)
‘Deity’s Grace’
‘Beyond Illusions’
‘Ocean’s Assault’
‘Confront Immensity’
‘Condemned The World’
‘My Everlasting Scar’
‘Glorious Death’ (Outro)

Review-Path to Eternity is the full length debut cd from Valfreya. The first thing you notice about this 6 piece is that they are extremely talented. Fronted by a female who goes by the name Crook, whose vocals go from operatic to metal screams and growls within seconds. This band delivers almost an hour of Melodic Black Metal in the vein of old school Crisis meets opera folk metal in the vein of many bands like Within Temptation. What sets them apart from all the others who go this route is that this band has created some epic songs that really impressed me to all end. The production value on this cd is top notch; it comes across almost crystal clear with a very intense sound that will make you pay attention.

Songs like Diety’s Grace and Inferno really stuck out to me as songs that sum up this band’s sound to a tee. From the keyboards that sort of soothe the song to the vocal hellion delivery, this cd keeps stuff to the point and is so hammering and aggressive at the same time. You would think with the pace and material that this band gives you, that by the end of the cd it will hit a bump or slow down and disappoint but this cd from start to finish is such a great cd.

Crook has this vocal presence that goes from angelic to demon within seconds, and the band’s sound compliments her with their tight sound. But, without her vocals this cd would not have worked half as great as it worked. Even though this band has an incredible sense of melody and timing, Crook is clearly the captain of this ship and is the standout on all the songs.

I feel this band has a singer that brings out the best of their talents, and can rival any band in this genre. Songs like Confront Immensity could convert people to give this band a listen, and make them fans. This cd is both intense but yet very melodic. With female fronted bands like Huntress, Christian Mistress, and now Valfreya, I think women are starting to really get more and more respect than just for being some eye candy and hailed for their talent. This cd is really a great listen, all you old school metal fans who would wonder how Dawn Crosby would fit into Viking Metal. Great new band and very recommended cd.

8.5 out of 10