Music Review-The Other-The Devils You Know

Review-The Other are a German horror punk band that was named after a 1972 horror film. First thing you really notice from the get-go is that frontman Rod Usher has this vocal delivery that seems very vaguely like bands like Volbeat or maybe a upbeat Danzig. This is the follow up to their debut record New Blood and while the songs seem horror themed but come across as some rockabilly punk infused bounce music. This seems like sing along Goth music that is safe to play to any musical taste fan.

Like their debut record all the songs on this cd are fairly the same formula for the most part, but it is still a very focused band that has so much fun, Fright Night is a song that should be in a horror film, and get fans attention. It is so catchy and one of the harder edged rockabilly songs. This song is a highlight to a cd that was really a fun listen that has so much to brag about. Most of the songs on this cd go back and forth between guitar, and keyboard then the low key verse and mixture of rock, rockabilly and pure Goth punk.

There is this very odd song on here called Hell is a Place on Earth, where Rod seems to sound like he is taking on some kind of persona, to make someone open a door. Then, they have their metal chops on display for a song like Nice Day for a Funeral, which has this metal riff with punk backup vocals to almost a Danzig vocal delivery. And it just gets so catchy like all the songs on this cd, the upbeat tempo is so fucking contagious that you would sing along and head bang at the same time and not even realize it.

They end the cd with a song called Ewigkeit that they play in pure German, and is quite the departure from the rest of this cd. Almost like a lite Rammstein, and has some epic riffs that really make this song stand out as just an odd song for a punk band. This cd is quite the punch, each member of this band got a chance on this cd to shine, and they all did a great job. Puppet on a String, gives the bassist his moment in the sun and it is really a cool little track. If you are old school fans of bands like the Misfits, The 69 Eyes, Murderdolls, and the above mentioned you could really get into this band.

8 out of 10