Music Review-Stealing Axion-Moments


Josh DeShazo – Guitar, Vocals
Dan Forbrich – Guitar, Vocals
Phil Willmarth – Bass, Vocals
Ben Gendro – Tech Specialist

Review-The music industry is a weird animal and in the last few years, it seems that Progressive Metal is starting to make such big strides in the metal culture. So much so, it feels that bands think you have to play this style to be taken serious by rock critics and over 22 year old fans. I have noticed that Devin Townsend has jumped on this bandwagon in the last few years to show he is more than a one trick pony. This cd is a prime example of what works in Prog Metal these days and ultimately what fails. This cd was mixed and mastered by Tesseact’s guitarist and producer Acle Kahney, so that is another positive to this cd. So with this cd being so full of Prog references and hands, I am not so sure where this band fits in the genre. This cd is average to below average at best, and the band to me lies somewhere in the middle of a lot of better bands. There is no doubt that the guys can play and there is a ton of potential and musicianship on display throughout this cd, but I feel that they did not utilize their full potential. The music seems to favor this style of quiet to loud, and it gets annoying at times so much so that you want to just stop listening and go to the next track.

Let’s get some positive in this review, I really dug the song Everything or Nothing. This song is what I feel the band does best, the faint vocals to the screams to the pure delight of the band on display throughout. And it leads to 47 days later, which is also another powerhouse track, till the break in the middle that seems to kill the momentum of the song but it goes into this death metal vein that felt odd but sort of made up for the song’s shortcoming.

Collapse is another good song and has a great little hook and crunch to it. It sounds like something you would expect from Meshuggah. The band uses a three way vocal approach that I thought fit the cd really well. At times it seems to flow very natural, and not feel forced. The album seems to have this almost subdued approach, which with the mid tempo grooves does at times seems to get boring. But, there was nothing to me that set this band apart from all the other Johnny come lately’s, no uniqueness or conviction, and even passion. This just sounded like any band doing anything, could have been a club band or even a band on tv. This is supposed to be the album that Stealing Axion wanted to tell people who they were, instead it sounds like the album that leaves us guessing at who they are trying to be. I respect that they wear their influences all over their sleeves, but why not honor them more instead of trying to come across as a third rate version of.

Again, there are a few standout tracks and the musicianship cannot be faulted for all the blame. But, they are still a young band and can make this up next release. If you are a fan of Prog Metal and need to just buy the newest releases, I would say you may want this. But, if you are a serious music fan looking for a great cd, you may want to skip this.

4 out of 10