Music Review-Scum of the Earth-The Devil Made Me Do It


Mike Riggs
Brandon Workman
Eddie Travis
Nick Mason

The Devil Made Me Do It is out August 28 on Goomba Music.

The Devil Made Me Do It Track Listing:

1. Born Again Masochist
2. Via Dela Rosa
3. Zombies -vs- Skeletons
4. The Devil Made Me Do It III
5. Zombie Apocalypse
6. Sounds of the Dead
7. Pray
8. (Mindless) Dead Things
9. Ghost
10. Funeral March

Review-The follow up to 2007’s Sleaze Freak, sees the band sort of re-inventing their sound. You can tell Riggs learned a lot from his time in Rob Zombie’s solo band, and it is all over this cd. Where to start, this cd is ten songs and less than 32 minutes long, the longest song on this cd is almost four minutes. Like Zombie, you get the voice overs in the songs and the industrial sound that made Rob a name. This cd almost feels like a White Zombie tribute more than an actual band putting out a new cd. Songs that stick out to me are Zombie Apocalypse, there is no way you cannot say that this is not the follow up to Electric Head off Astro Creep. What a catchy song and really was not so bad, it sounded like when Rob Zombie had balls and put out some decent music. (Mindless) Dead Bodies sounds so much like Living Dead Girl, so if you are into that song you would really dig this song. I think Born Again Masochist is such a weird song to open this cd for; it is one of the weaker songs this cd offers. It sounds like something you would expect from Mechanical Animals Manson. Via Dela Rosa sounds like if Static X was in a Rob Zombie tribute band. The Devil made me do it sounds like Manson gearing for top 40 radio play with trying to write a pop song.

As you can tell by the bulk of this review, Scum of the Earth has really decided to go in this route as trying to emulate its past band’s history. I cannot say I was a fan of their last two releases, and I will not say I am a fan of this new cd. I did like some of the songs, but that was only because of whom they reminded me of more than the actual band and song itself. I hated the last Powerman 5000 covers cd, I felt that was so awful. I hate the new Rob Zombie cd as I feel he is trying to push himself and his library in a more fan friendly direction to get those new hip kids who go to hot topic to get behind the past and embrace it as today’s cutting edge. I feel this cd by Scum of the Earth sounds like a band who is trying to make some record sales and get their name out there, which I am all for if done properly, but this cd seems more imitation than creative. All in all, I am glad to see after a 5 year break that they are back on the scene; I just wish they would have re thought this strategy a little more. This is a new day and scene for music, people no longer need 1998. Fuck not even 1998, wants to be 1998 anymore.

4 out of 10