Music Review-Sangre Eterna-Asphyxia


Ilija Stevanovic – Vocals

Bora Jovanovic – Guitars

Milos Armus – Drums

Zoltan Kovac – Guitars

Davor Menzildzic – Bass

Sangre Eterna has been around for 7 years and this is their second release, but this is my first time experiencing them. This band out of Serbia mixes melody and death metal and seems to know what it is doing with their sound. I want to say right from the get-go this cd is crushing, with so much power and intensity. It was quite the surprise for me. The mix of the death metal growls of lead singer Ilija Stevanovic and the keyboards was a shock that it worked like it did. You would think for a death metal album like this, the keyboards would seem a bit too much but they complimented the music. The negative to this cd for me is that there was no diversity in the songs; each song seems like the same formula and the same vocal approach. There are no real guitar solos to brag about here, the guitar playing on this cd seemed safe. The guitar work on this cd is like they were playing just enough to get thru the song and not really giving us that extra punch that could have put the sound and the song over the top.
On this cd at times the music takes a turn for the unexciting and predictable. Though again, the keyboard mixed into the sound with the crunch of the vocals and musicianship was really good. As with many of my favorite melodic death metal bands, some of the songs have a tendency to blend together, though it sounds like at times that they are playing just the same song again and taking a breath. That is my main complaint about this cd it sounded so repetitive.

All things considered, I really dug the majority of this cd and would love to see what is next from them. This is a band that just needs a few major tours under its belt and maybe some seasoning in the studio, and will grow. You have to think this is a band that has only had two cds out and been around 7 years; you would expect them to give you a different cd. From what I heard on their fan page, the last cd was totally different from this one. My question is what made them think this cd was the right decision for their next offering? You would think their sound would have found a maturity to it, but I still did not mind this cd for the most part and songs like Confession and Death and illusions of Fate among others were not that bad, and were worth listening to and knowing about. I just hope that maybe they fine tune their sound and get an identity and really come back with a stronger cd next time. Though, all in all this was not that bad and would actually be a welcome addition to your collection for the most part.

7.5 out of 10