Music Review-Pro Pain-Straight to the Dome

Gary Meskil – Vocals/Bass
Adam Phillips – Lead Guitar
Marshall Stephens – Rhythm Guitar
Jonas Sanders -Drums

Review-God can you believe it has been 20 years since Foul Taste of Freedom from Pro Pain? Gary and Dan had something to prove when they left the Crumbsuckers. Taking hardcore mixing it with punk and rap, Pro Pain created a great debut album that really set the bar for the future of this band. And then, came the follow up The Truth Hurts which even before being released was marred in controversy for its artwork on the cover, and the cd had a few very good songs but was a mixed bag at best that really did not capitalize on the promise of the debut record, and sort of felt like it was thrown together to just have a cd to tour on. I won’t lie, after that cd I gave them one more shot with their next cd Contents Under Pressure which again compared to previous works just seemed like it was lacking on the promise Pro Pain showed on their debut. I know they have had numerous more cds and numerous lineup changes, but I just did not seem to really care. Until now, as much as I loved Foul Taste and some of The Truth Hurts, this new cd is pretty fucking cool.

It starts off with the title track Straight to the Dome, that sounds just like old hardcore Pro Pain Murder 101, and has this energy to it that you have to turn this fuck up to 11 and rock. And it just leads into Payback, which is just as hardcore as anything they have released to date. This is quite the one two punch from them. They seemed to have found an energy and passion that people like me thought the lost in the past. Whereas most Pro Pain earlier work seemed to be experimental in different genres, this cd seems to be firm into hardcore metal/punk until A Good Day to Die and the last song. Zugabe which is the last song is their version of the Sex Pistols Friggin in the Riggin, what a different song for them that just seems to not sound out of place and such a fitting way to end this cd. A Good Day to Die has sing-along choruses, that really seem so out of place and with the hardcore riffs and heavy feel of the song, seemed really an odd choice but the song while the chorus was sort of like a mild fail, the song was not too bad.

This cd makes me want to go back and see what I been missing with Pro Pain since album 3. I really loved the energy and the power of this cd, it really delivers. A very good metal release to get you fans excited about September 25th and Goomba Records.

8 out of 10