Music Review-Necrovation-Necrovation

01. Necrovorus Insurrection
02. Dark Lead Dead
03. Pulse of Towering Madness
04. Commander of Remains
05. New Depths
06. Sepulchreal
07. Resurrectionist
08. The Transition
09. III Mouth Madness (The Many)

Review-Necrovation is back again, not so sure if this is good news or bad news, even after listening to this cd still not so sure. I loved their heavy as fuck thrashing debut record in 2008. It was a great attempt to bring back the passion and fury of old school death metal. I think the pressure of trying to follow that cd up has been this band’s biggest mistake. I think as anticipated as this cd is, fans should be worried. Right from the start of this cd you can tell the change in style, gone is the passion and fury, in its place is sort of a safe feeling that the cleaned up not only their sound but really concentrated more on quality of production, than what they are producing.

The production on this cd is the downfall to this cd because it takes away from what made the debut album so good in my eyes. The time changes that are in the songs are just so odd and shows the lack of musicianship trying to be something they are not.

Necrovation have decided that they wanted to experiment on this cd, and you can just tell that the band’s sound suffers for it. The new elements they bring to their music and songs are just a fail. They do these ridiculous acoustic passages that lead into just horribly written songs. They are clearly over their heads with this release, and more than likely were talked into this direction or thought it may get them a broader base, I think this sound and style they opted to use may have cost them their fan-base who loved that debut record.

There are a few good songs here and there, but the musicians seem so un-motivated and lacking passion. The Prog direction is a fail, this is a band that made a debut record that a lot of people really loved and got behind, but now they decide that they want to do this style. Hopefully, they get their hearts back in music and try better next cd.

4 out of 10