Music Review: Nechochwen – OtO (2012)

Nechochwen - OtONechochwen is a diverse band encompassing various genres of music, with some of them not even being metal. You can hear echoes to ambient black metal, folk metal, classical guitar and much more in their sound. Think of a mix between Opeth and Karl Sanders’ solo work and you will get an idea of what you are in for. The vocal style varies from clean to chants and a mixture of some interesting tones.

While brief in length with only 6 songs, OtO have plenty of substance and style. The guitar elements are smart and intricately composed. The sounds flow in and out with background noises that mellow you out and make you dream what the artist is composing. Towards the end of the album, we are treated to some mellow distorted parts that are just as smart as the acoustic work and include various tribal elements that gives this release an almost world music.

Overall, OtO is a release that should not be missed. Its diversity does not come along very often. It is a short trip, but a trip that is both mystical and hypnotic.

OtO Track Listing:
1. Cultivation
2. On the Wind
3. Otomen’pe (Our Ancestors)
4. Haniipi-miisi (Elm Tree)
5. He Ya Ho Na
6. Pekikalooletiiwe (Insrtructions; an Exhoration)