Music Review-Locrian- The Clearing & The Final Epoch

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Chalk Point
2. Augury In An Evaporating Tower
3. Coprolite
4. The Clearing
Disc: 2
1. This is the Final Epoch
2. On A Calcified Shore
3. Omega Vapors
4. Falling Towers
5. After The Torchlight

Review-This is the band’s first release for Relapse Records, and what a release it is. This is a re-release of last year’s vinyl release The Clearing and some rare and previously unreleased stuff they have called The Final Epoch. Locrian are a band that is hard to classify by a genre type or a sound. Their music seems to jump all over the map from imagination to pure atmospheric. For a label like Relapse that has re-defined music and bands for years, this cd seems like it is at home with a label just as diverse.

The band consists of André Foisy on guitar and synth, Terence Hannum on vocals, synth, and piano and Steven Hess on drums and tapes. The direction of the music seems to range from almost every corner of every Prog, black metal, industrial infused, and ambient musical source. This can be classified I guess as eerie and thought provoking art experimentation. If there ever was a soundtrack that was made for a movie score, it is this right here. The Clearing shortest song, if you call these songs is 6:41. The title track stuck out to me at a little over 17 minutes long, it seemed like a journey into the subconscious of a very dark and painful place that really set such a mood that once this song starts you cannot seem to want to turn it off. It sucks you into a mind fuck that manipulates you into following almost subliminal sounds that with headphones on and the lights off will give you an experience you will soon not forget. Around the half way mark of this song, it takes a detour into some very heavy almost like an obscure Neurosis feel. This whole cd is just waves and waves of subliminal messages disguised in industrial fused sounds. The songs like Chalk Point a few others, bring out a drowning metal vocal that seem like a screaming of a warning more than actual singing.

The Crawling/The Final Epoch gives you a glimpse into why Locrian are so loved by both fans and critics worldwide. This cd is not a musical trip; it is a soundscape nightmare into a world of pure darkness and a mirror into our own souls. This is a very amazing cd, the first time since I was a kid and listened to Yes 90125, and Pink Floyd The Wall, that I feel music has completely taken me out of my comfort zone and element and gave me a journey that I was not quite ready for.

Locrian has a distinct and unique sound and also a very obscure artistic vision. The experimentation on this cd alone makes it a must listen, and also what I think is why people become music fans. This cd seems to transcend the disc, and gives you a vision that is clearly so impressive and original, that you cannot help but really praise this cd to the highest degree.

All in all, Relapse Records 2012 so far with Christian Mistress and now this, I am really impressed beyond words at how amazing these bands are. Music is starting to get creative and exciting again, thank you so much.

10 out of 10