Music Review-Korpius – Shades Of Black

Review-Holy fucking shit does this cd deliver. This is blackened death metal at its best. This band is out of Canada and been around since 2003, and after a few EP’s this is their debut release. This is my first brush with this band, and after listening to this cd it will not be my last. This cd I had zero to no expectations for, and after listening to the Stealing Axion cd I was not really looking forward to listening to anything else, but I put this cd in and next thing I know I am blown the fuck away within seconds. Korpius has put out a debut record that I can say will make a lot of fans very happy and excited. The band does mix a lot of forms of metal into their sound. At the core this is a blackened death metal band, but you can hear the references to 80’s thrash all over it as well as early melodic death metal bands. Which unlike most bands, they only display hints they do not completely rip off. Korpius have a sound all their own and a fury and power, that will get them noticed.

This cd does not sound like a debut album, it sounds like a band that has been around for a while. This cd to me, will be remembered down the road like we are remembering Slayer Haunting the Chapel, Decide‘s self-titled, and Butchered at Birth by Cannibal Corpse. The band plays with so much energy and passion, each song is just better than the last. The structure of the songs is very well done, and the opening seconds to the closing this is a flawless cd that flows very well.

This cd is on a level that demands the metal community to pay attention, and really get behind this cd. I know this cd is on a smaller label and the reviews are not really all out there, but trust me when I say this, this cd is to metal right now what listening to Master of Puppets in the mid 80’s was to metal then. This is quite frankly without overselling it, the most important metal release of the last year easily. This just sounds like that cd that will stand the test of time and cement this band’s legacy. I would love to see these guys on a major tour and to get this music out to the masses. If you are disappointed with the music scene and not sure that music is going in the right direction, trust me when I tell you this, this cd will motivate you again to be a ‘defender of the faith”. This is the comeback cd that metal has needed.

10 out of 10