Music Review-In This Moment-Blood

Review-In This Moment is a band that frustrates me so much. Cd to cd, (now their 4th) what kind of band are they trying to be? I am all about diversity in a band’s sound, but to completely change the whole structure of the band and the direction each cd without really putting out a cd that you can listen to all the way thru, you start to really wonder why this band is still putting out music and even in existence. Me personally I was a somewhat fan of the majority of The Dream cd, and their cover of Blondie’s Call Me. I thought The Dream for this band was a step in the right direction, but that direction has been lost 2 cds later. Maria Brink, who is the focal point of this band, has in the past showcased that she has vocal talent and a great melodic voice. This cd she seems to want to compete with Otep and she fails horribly. This is not Maria’s strongpoint to try and be some kind of female Marilyn Manson. You hear songs like Blood and you know that she is out of her element yet again and it shows yet again. Her vocals on songs like Whore and Adrenaline is more grating than heavy. Now, the backing band on the other hand really shines on the songs as in the past, the musicians have to hide their singer’s weaknesses in the heavy songs. Scarlet though is a step in a good direction for Maria, while it is too commercial and sugary for metal listeners, it is what she seems to excel at, the commercial songs. I always think of musicians like Maria as using music as a springboard for something else, that she is not really fully committed to this. Even when you listen to In This Moment on any of their previous cds, you can just tell that there is something that seems to be missing, almost a passion and heart to her vocal delivery.

I won’t say this cd is a total waste, there are some ok moments on this cd where the heavy songs like From the Ashes and Comanche that she gives her best Angela Glasgow impression and it is ok only because I miss a new Arch Enemy cd. But, this cd has no memorable songs that once you finish listening to this cd you are really left with nothing to really care about to want to listen to it again. There are good hooks scattered, but really no choruses that caught on to me. While unlike the other cds released by them, like Otep there is a darkness to this cd that is all over this cd, with a lot of issues and topics made into songs that seem to be influenced by Brink and maybe a dark side to what we see all spread out in every metal magazine. But, unlike an Otep or any other female who takes this route, there really seems to be no real emotion in the songs, it is like she is not singing from experience but singing from necessity. It is like Maria and the band knew this cd was that make or break cd for them, and she knew she had to maybe find depth to this character she sells us.
Lyrically, this is a well written cd and musically the band plays very great, but Maria to me seems so stuck in trying to find her place in music and her constant changes and now the addition to this pain and darkness, seems to confuse me more than entertain me at times. You know they want Blood to be their Beautiful People anthem, and the song will get play on radio and is catchy that In This Moment fans can get behind it, but to me it just seems like it is trying too hard to establish this band in yet another identity. I think with further listens a song like Blood will stick with me and I can grow to like it maybe, but the cd as a whole, it is not the worst cd they have done to date but this cd is not even close to the promise they showed on The Dream. But, I liked half of what the cd offered. I just think Maria is not serious about music and this band, I just have this gut feeling when I hear her music or read her interviews. It just seems like she is using this platform like Rob Zombie did. At least she has a better singing voice than him. Hey, there is a positive thing to end this review with. This cd was better than the latest Rob Zombie cd. Which is not saying much at all.

5 out of 10