Music Review-Grave-Endless Procession of Souls

Coming to you August 28th from Century Media

Current members
Ola Lindgren – guitars, vocals
Ronnie Bergerst̴hl Рdrums
Tobias Cristiansson – bass guitar
Mika Lagr̩n Рguitars

I first discovered Swedish death metal band Grave around 2002 with Back from the Grave, and the first thing I noticed immediately the fury and passion Ola has in his vocals and guitar work. A lot has changed in terms of members since I first discovered them but the sound still is the same. With their tenth full release they seem to really stay true to their death metal roots still. Grave is one of those bands that you know when you hit play what to expect, and if you are a fan of the early stuff chances are you will get behind this cd as well. This cd starts off with calm sort of in terms of a guitar solo that sounds classical as homage to old school black metal riffs. From that opening it leads to the all-out assault that is Amongst Marble and the Dead that will make the Grave fanatics very happy. This is just all pure Death Metal bliss, and Grave shows that after almost 26 years they have not lost a step. It has a few cool little guitar breaks here and there with Ola’s growls, that give the song a lot of depth and makes it a step above just another Death Metal song. From there we go to Disembodied Steps, which is still waving the flag high for Death Metal, it just hits you with a screaming assault by Ola, with the band behind him just playing like their lives are depending on it. This song as does this cd, shows that this lineup is capable of really giving you some great music.

Songs like the closer Epos are songs that non fans could hear and want to hear more from this band. Epos I think of all the songs on this cd was really the shocker, it seems that Ola went into the vaults and pulled out some old school dirge that Grave have not dialed up in at least the last 4 releases, and the drums on this song with that brief solo, was amazing. I am a fan of this cd and the death metal growls that come across so clean, and very well done. This is the year of new found passion, with the new Six Feet Under lineup that really is putting out incredible music and the new Grave cd. If Metal ever had a good chance at making a comeback, it would be this year. There has been some very great metal cds this year and make no mistake about it, this is definately one of those cds.

All in all, Grave fans this is a must buy. Non fans but Death Metal fans, this is a very great cd to give a shot too. Grave after all these years, still putting out the best music of their career.

8.5 out of 10