Music Review-Fozzy-Sin and Bones


Chris Jericho – Vocals
Rich Ward – Guitar/Vocals
Frank Fontsere – Drums
Paul Di Leo – Bass
Billy Grey – Guitar

Review-It is hard to believe this is the 5th release from these guys. Before this release I really did not follow Fozzy all that much. And I think that I may not be alone because when you watch WWE and think about Jericho, you do not picture him as a musician much less a lead singer. Maybe an annoying groupie at best. I think my first memory of Fozzy was that video they did back in the day that was on WWE Raw one night, and I did not have a feeling one way or another towards the video but it did not make me want to seek them out. So, this being my first full Fozzy cd the one thing that stuck out to me in the get-go, is that Rich Ward really shines on guitar and backup vocals on songs like Blood Happens. Blood Happens is clearly the highlight of this cd by far, and not so much for Jericho but for Ward and those riffs and his growls, and the chorus that is so damn catchy that even a non-fan of Fozzy who misses Stuck Mojo and was a fan of cds like Rising would smile. The one thing you do realize almost immediately with this cd that Fozzy is clearly the Jericho show. His vocals always take front stage and he is trying to come across with all these ranges and styles that just seem like he is trying to show people he can do it more than he feels inspired to do it for himself. It’s like look I can sing like this and that, the songs are not half bad on this cd it is just I still cannot buy into Chris Jericho being a rock singer fully, but the music is good nonetheless.

Songs like She’s my Addiction with that Organ sound come across as some kind of Jon Lord and the bluesy feel that seemed to work, with the sing a long chorus this song could work on modern rock radio. A Passed Life you can tell Y2J’s influences were all over that song and his love of Iron Maiden. I really dug the song a lot. Jericho and crew start this whole cd off with a song called Spider in my mouth which set a good pace for this cd. From the opening riffs that are so heavy, and the hooky chorus. This song just shifts from heavy to melodic so much that you are not sure what will happen next in the sound, which listening to this cd is the normal for them. Sandpaper is the next track, and it is very commercial and you almost feel Rich Ward is so held back that he wanted to let loose more on that song which he almost got to in the middle. But, Jericho shines on songs that really lets him belt out his screams and catchy choruses.

Blood Happens to me is the song I wish would have been the blue print of this cd, I love that heaviness and letting Ward doing what he does best those backup vocals, this works for Fozzy. This cd I can say I finally listened to a Fozzy cd finally, but it really does not make me want to listen to the other cds before it. You can tell the band is talented and that Jericho knows his metal and wears his influences proudly. All in all, it was not a bad cd, I will listen to it more but I just wish Rich Ward would not hold back and plug that guitar up to 11 and give us that fury that made Stuck Mojo such an awesome band. I bet live Fozzy would be a fun show, the opening act could be John Cena’s rap group and the middle band could be Lita and The Luchagores.

7 out of 10