Music Review-Ephel Duath-On Death and Cosmos ep

Track Listing-
Black Prism-Raqia-Stardust Rain

Davide Tiso
Karyn Crisis
Steve DiGiorgio
Marco Minnemann

History- Ephel Duath mastermind Davide Tiso married former Crisis vocalist Karyn Crisis and enlisted her as the EP’s voice; he also recruited bass veteran Steve DiGiorgio and drum guru Marco Minnemann to give us the most unique line up in Ephel Duath history.

Review-Crisis fans, most importantly Karyn Crisis fans, she is fucking back!!! When today’s metal heads think about females in metal, they always come up with those pin up no talented but looks like fuckable dolls. Here comes the female with the talent and does not need to hide her shortcomings as a vocalist and focus on her sex appeal. Karyn Crisis is a cross between the late Dawn Crosby and Janis Joplin and is so sadly missed from today’s metal scene. When 2004’s Like Sheep led to Slaughter came out, we knew that Crisis were on their last legs and that the end for this experimental metal band was all but written. In 2006, words of a Karyn Crisis solo band surfaced and by 2009 we had some demos. Fans were excited because it seemed that Karyn Crisis was hungry again, and ready to take her metal scene back. Well, 3 years later we have the band Ephel Duath led by her husband Davide Tiso, that on the surface may seem weird for Crisis fans but when you start to really get into this 20 minute ep of 3 songs, it seems like the right change of pace for Karyn. Ephel has some very serious talent in bassist extraordinaire Steve DiGiorgio, who has been with Testament and Death and countless other bands. Also included in this line up is drummer Marco who has made countless solo records and is a session drummer.

Onto the music itself, like the lineup this is not what you would expect from this foursome and that is what made this such an awesome cd. Gone is the Crisis screams, and in its place, is almost a jazzy Prog metal sound. This is almost like a female led King Crimson meets old school Uriah Heap. Karyn still growls like we are so used to in albums like The Hollowing and Deathbed from Crisis, but this time she seems to have found calm in between the growls almost like a maturing. Would Ephel Duath old school fans get into this new sound and direction, maybe? Would Crisis fans get behind this, in a heartbeat. This ep is such a journey of sounds and styles that you had to know the studio sessions had to be really thought out, this ep just seems like each string, or beat or even vocal was so well thought out.

If these 3 songs are any kind of blue print for what is upcoming for this band, this may be very interesting days ahead for music. I am not so ready to jump on the bandwagon, even though I am a huge Karyn Crisis fan but I am getting itchy to see what comes next and if it is like this, I will be on that fucking wagon leading it all the way down the metal highway…to be continued in 2013. Karyn Crisis has fucking returned, now all the other women in metal need to get very serious about their singing. The metal goddess is fucking back.

9 out of 10