Music Review-Dublin Death Patrol-Death Sentence

Chuck Billy
Steve Souza
Andy Billy
Greg Bustamante
Steve Robello
Willy Langenhuizen
John Souza
John Hartsinck
Eddie Billy
Danny Cunningham
Troy Luccketta

Review- Death Setence is the second release from this 11 member band. This band is frronted by two of my favorite singers in hard rock and thrash ex Exodus Steve “Zetro” Sousa and Testament’s Chuck Billy. Unlike many side groups and for that matter super groups the music on this cd deviates very little if any at all from either one of the lead singers comfort zones. I think for me the biggest shocker is drummer Troy Lucketta from Tesla. This is ten songs of traditional American hard thrash, with two vocalists that try to complement each other instead of trying to outdo or sing over the other.

The first thing you can hear throughout this cd is that this band had a lot of fun putting out this cd. And the listener will have just as much fun listening to it as well for the most part. My Riot is classic Exodus, and to add Chuck Billy on the track puts it so over the top. Songs like that will have fans smiling. While Zetro has always been called an acquired taste, I feel as a singer he is so underrated. I hope the Big 4 listen to this cd and get a clue, that music does not have to be about ego, just getting people together and having fun for the fans. This cd is solid, but it is far from a classic.
The two vocalists complement each other’s styles, but you can tell that Chuck Billy was not 100 percent in this cd. And I read the press release and knew that he had done his stuff on the few days off from making the Testament cd, and it shows. When you think of Chuck Billy and Zetro teaming up, and know they already have one cd under their belt already you expect something a little more thought out.

Now, I am in no way completely hating on this cd, it is really a good listen for what It offers, and I am so damn happy to see Zetro back in music, cause I missed him since he left Exodus. I think songs like My Riot, which mixes Exodus and Testament perfectly, may be in my top songs of 2012. But, this cd has so much sizzle, and offers you a decent sample of steak, when most of us will be hungry for more. On the surface the pairing sounds like it is a can’t miss, but on some of the songs they seem to miss a little. But, as a whole I am really a fan of this project, and as a diehard metal fan I can care less how good or bad this cd is, I have to hear it and have it. It is fucking Zetro and Billy, who gives a fuck about anything else. I can put My Riot with True American Hate as the best things Chuck Billy has put his voice on in a very long, long time. I want more from this band, and this cd while it seems at time to be missing something is far from bad, and is still a recommended listen.

So Testament and Exodus fans go out and buy this cd. I would say buy this before the latest cd from Testament, this cd is all the proof metal needs that Zetro has a place in it and is so fucking missed. I would love to see DDP maybe dip into each other’s past and do a covers cd, I would love to see Billy on Toxic Waltz and Zetro doing Low. God, the possibilities with this band are so endless, keep it going. Now think about this, the negatives I said and this cd is still a B. It tells you that this cd may be worth listening to.

8 out of 10