Music Review-Dirge Within-There will be Blood


Jeremy “Jerms” Genske-Vocals
Shaun Glass- Guitars
Chuck Wepfer-Lead Guitars
Jim McClanahan-Bass
Frankie Harchut-Drums

Review-The follow up to their very impressive debut Force Fed Lies, seems to continue the same path that was blazed 3 years ago. This cd sounds like if you meshed the heavy aspect of Corey Taylor, Spineshank with Machine Head. The Chicago natives have had a hard road going from debut to follow up, and listening to Jeremy in songs like For My Enemies and As We Prey, it sounds like he is ready to challenge those obstacles that have held him down. After an insane tour schedule, some musical member chairs and a new label, this band comes across as very focused and pissed off. Like the first record, this cd does not play around and just gets to the point, and has this attack mode vibe throughout that just works, with a devil may give a shit attitude that really puts this cd in a class all by itself in terms of what it is offering.

From first note to last, this cd just comes out and crashes and tears down everything in sight, sure this cd seems to fall on catchier choruses and melodies more than the last record, but they were just as pulverizing. While there is really no progression or growth from their first release beside the catchy aspect at times, this band is so young and just starting out that I feel the debut record put them on the map this cd sort of defines this sound as being their sound, and it is just too soon to ask a band to add more to their sound when they sound is fine as it is. Sure the sing-a-long choruses come across as Corey Taylor-esque, but I feel the songs are strong enough that you can still dig them and get behind them. Memories is very Stone Sour-ish but it still worked for me, with the bite and fury it possessed.

This cd seems to be creating a balance that may set up their next release; there is no way Absolution could not be the best song that Machine Head fans hear this year, that is not MH. Songs like that and Without You are really awesome songs, and could convert non fans to really get behind this band.

All in all, this is the best record Stone Sour and Machine Head has never released. Great band and I love this cd.

8 out of 10