Music Review-Dew Scented-Icarus

Leif Jensen – Vocals
Rory Hansen – Guitars
Marvin Vriesde – Guitars
Joost van der Graaf – Bass
Koen Herfst – Drums

Review-The latest cd from Germany’s Dew Scented is another example of a band that cannot keep a line up together. Now, the only sole member of the original line up is vocalist Leif Jensen. Besides some members of the band not much else has changed since 2010’s last cd Invocation. I feel their worst enemy is that their music really has no depth to it, and it all sounds the same to me. While Invocation was a solid release and had some catchiness to it, this cd seems like a disjointed and often lost affair. Dew Scented seems like a band who needs an identity all its own, and cannot seem to find its niche. While a cd like Invocation left us somewhat hopeful for the future of what is next, Icarus seems to really want to just repeat all they have done so far and not really grow or try to break new ground. I think this band has talent, but I think the revolving door of musicians is taking a toll on both the fans and music and it shows on this cd.

The songwriting on this cd is awful; the songs seem lazy and really uninspired. For a band that has been around for what 9 releases and has a decent following, this cd is asking of fans a lot to be behind. Not even the most diehard Dew Scented fans can get behind this subpar mess of a record. Where are the riffs? Dew Scented has been known for their monster riffs and Leif’s vocals, and this cd offers neither one worth talking about.

This is where with most cds I review I talk about what songs worked, but you know what I am really lost as to what songs really worked for me as opposed to being so bored by most of this cd that some songs were only good because they were a step up from the last song barely. I am a diehard fan of Kreator, and I know bands like Dew Scented seem to be very inspired by them, but this cd was such a letdown and utter disappointment to me. Like the latest from Iced Earth, this is another band that seems to want to live in the past and try to milk their roots all they can instead of trying to create new and exciting music.

With soft record sales these days, and the death of rock/metal radio, you would expect musicians to step up their material for the fans to pour some cash out of their pockets to support. This cd seems like one of the main reasons why the music fans embraced the Napster age, that they feel like when they pay 20.00 for their favorite band’s music and this is the thank you they get. There are so many great heavy metal and thrash metal cds out these days to buy; I would say easily this one is not one of them. I just hope like many other countless bands these days that Dew Scented can get their act together and maybe re-think the direction of the band and what it is offering, and maybe try to give us fans the album we expect from them. What a huge letdown. I would rather be more open if they all cut their hair and put out Load, then this cd. Music is a career path that many wish they could have, and the lucky ones who get to do this for a living, fucking seem to act like it is some pain in the ass to just make passionate music and give the fans something to be behind. If this is the best Dew Scented can give us for 2012, then I think it is time to think of a different career path. This is not coming from just some nobody critic or blogger, this is coming from a fan.

2 out of 10