Music Review-Christian Mistress-Possession

Review-This is the second cd from Olympia, WA heavy metal band Christian Mistress. Talk about a cd that I felt like I was in a time warp for, what a shock. This cd from start to finish is why people like me are lifelong music fans, that one cd that just comes out and you feel like you discovered something new. When I was starting to get tired of the likes of all these women in metal putting looks above sound, and putting out dismal cds here comes bands like Huntress and now Christian Mistress that their lead vocalists not only have beauty but they have vocal talent, and at least offer something different than the normal. Christine Davis comes across as almost like Grace Slick in early Jefferson Airplane circa late 60’s. This band would not have been out of place on the original Woodstock stage. Christine comes across as sensual, and emotional. That each song you can hear this woman reaching deep inside herself to let it out. The duelling guitars of Oscar Sparbel and Ryan McClain on this cd really give Christine a sound that compliments her vocals. Christine takes front and center on each song, and really delivers so many tones to her delivery, both dark and light that really comes across as genuine and passionate.

This cd has energy about it, that each song seems to jump out at you and gets your attention. I see why people are calling this band the new coming of the NWOBHM, this cd has such a passion and energy to it that is missing in the majority of music these days. While listening to this cd it is so easy to forget this release only came out in February 2012, it is just as easy to forget what year we are in while giving in to the melodies and beauty of Christine Davis voice. You cannot help but get behind this band when you listen to Possession, I listened to this whole cd all the way thru, not once but 4 times before I even thought about writing this review. Song by song on this cd is nothing short of a masterpiece, and quite frankly another cd I think will make a lot of people’s top ten lists at the end of 2012. This cd is that cd that could convert nonmetal fans to give metal a shot, I would not be shocked if this is not on Rolling Stones Top 20 cd list and then to top Metal Hammer as well. Cds like this come out once in a blue moon, and after listening to this cd I just hope that blue moon does not take so long to shine again.

Christian Mistress is for real, and god I am really hoping they tour, I have to see if they can delivery this live. I am dying to see what the future for these guys is going to be, this cd is such a great breath of fresh air in a polluted and over saturated music field. Great debut record that I think as the years go on that people will be referencing this cd and band in the same way we did all the NWOBHM bands. I am really looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the coming months.

10 out of 10