Music Review-Chaos Theory-Bio-Death

1. Faith
2. Virus
3. Dawn of Death
4. Carnage
5. Biodeath
6. Chockers
7. Domination
8. Xenotransplant
9. Final Solution
10. Spyral

Review-This is the debut record from Italy’s own Chaos Theory. The first thing you notice is that they have a fresh taste on old school thrash. This cd is just heavy as all fuck, and does not let off the gas. This cd reminded me of when bands like Forbidden and Testament first burst on the scene and got our attention. This band has that potential, and this cd is just riff after blistering riff and for a thrash metal cd the lyrics and choruses are catchy and hooky as all hell, almost to a point that they are sing along. It kicks off with some guitar goodness that brings us Faith that is just loud and angry as all hell and hammers its message across very fast and quickly. This song became the example I would see more on this cd, that this cd really had a lot of sizzle but sort of not so much steak at times. This cd seems to stop when it is getting started, that the songs have very little substance, but more showing off then showcasing at times.

Before we hit song 2 which is Virus the first thing we notice is that the longest song is a little above 4 minutes, that most of the songs are 3 minutes or under. Which is shocking for metal, you expect that long power ballad or progressive track, especially for a new band out of Italy. It is written in their musical DNA for them. Virus just like the rest of this cd shows a band that delivers some excitement and interesting takes on thrash music but ultimately need more experience. All the songs on this cd are so up-tempo with the riffs and double bass drums, but at times they do sound very repetitious. They deliver plenty of variety and changes in tempo in each offering, but the songs are at times too short and do not seem to leave that lasting impression.

While this whole cd is a very good debut, it is not a great one. I feel this band has so much they need to do to stand out in this genre, while they definitely showed it in the debut record that they do have the talent to pull it off, I need to see them actually do it to fully believe. All in all, if you are into thrash metal this is a fairly decent debut record and would be a cool listen for the most part. I just think this is the building blocks to something so much bigger, and that the next cd will really be the true test. A lot of promise is shown, and a ton of raw talent. Here is hoping that the next cd has more substance and more structure. In closing- old school thrash fans, this was not that bad a listen. Everyone has to start from somewhere, I just want to see when they start touring and getting more experience what the next chapter holds, then we will truly know if they were a pretender or the real deal.

7.5 out of 10