Music Review-Attack Ships on Fire-Vegas Soul


Mike B – Vocals
Kevin Cameron – Bass
Allan Carter – Drums
Dave Boyle – Guitar

Review-The 4th release from Squidhat Records, and the 2nd from Attack Ships is all the proof that I need to know this indie label is going to be very huge soon. Each release I have reviewed is so completely different than the last one I reviewed. Where the last two releases The Dirty Panties and The Gashers were clearly two different views on pop and punk, Attack Ships on Fire are clearly inspired by Faith No More and have a sense of humor. Chop Suey opens the cd in almost an inspired spoken word intro about Vegas that you would expect out of a Jello Biafra that leads to a very punkish Faith No More inspired opening track that truly shows these guys have an incredible amount of heart and talent. And the shock to this cd is the middle with the guitar solo; it was so out of left field that it really worked. The next track is a really odd song called Dear Annie, Love, Bug that somehow stuck with me long after I stopped listening to this cd. The next song the Magnificent Dr. Zombo is even more fucking weird and for that, I loved this song so much. This is clearly out of the Frank Zappa meets Faith No More rulebook that experimental music has no bounds. This song is just so fucking bizarre that it really could be a song that could establish this band. And this cd seems almost like a unity for the band and the label. The Long Con features The Gashers own Sandy, and I love what she brings to music. Sandy comes across in this song as the female punk version of Karen Finley, holy fuck does this woman have some vocal chops. But, Dirty Panties fans do not worry Melanie makes her appearance as well in Iconic, which is almost like Concrete Blonde ballad, which added another layer to this cd, and she again gives us a song that proves to me that if I buy the next AP Magazine and she and the Panties are not on the cover and they are talking about music, they are clueless as to who in music has talent. ( Same arguement can be made about Attack Ships and The Gashers as well)

For fans that miss Faith No More, you would really like the direction and heart of this band. For people who are brand new to Squidhat Records, this would be like a sampler platter of who they are and what they offer and a sneak peak at what the future of music will be as well. I think this label is very exciting with the music they been putting out in the last few months, and since July I started to hear and learn that Vegas has such a deep talent pool of passionate and awesome talent that really need to break out and get some people to pay attention. While it seems other record labels are looking for the next copycat band, and trying to pull some shit on you guys to make you buy into what they are trying to sell to themselves and you at the same time, Squidhat seems so passionate on music and are putting out some very incredible bands that are not confined to one genre and really have so much passion.

In my heart of hearts, and no offense to any label but I truly feel indie smaller labels are all about true passion, the fans and cares about what it gives you guys to listen to. Where major labels, just put out anything and sit with their accountants waiting to see the sales tape. I truly know that this label is all about putting out really amazing stuff and giving you fans something to talk about and get behind. This is a really fun cd, and it gets points for the balls to be so all over the map, while still trying to say it is punk. If Refused had a cd called The Shape of Punk to Come, Squidhat Records could be the label that says…” We are the shape of the new punk”. Punk has clearly evolved and I am happy to see it. Great fucking band…great cd.

9 out of 10