Music Review-Attack Ships on Fire-Punches are Free

Mike B – Vocals
Kevin Cameron – Bass
Allan Carter – Drums
Dave Boyle – Guitar

Review-With their 4th release Vegas Soul about to drop next week, I thought to listen finally to the 3rd cd by this band. To me, SquidHat Records are the best indie label out there right now, and they only have 4 releases. For you Mike Patton fans who miss Faith No More and wonder how they would sound in today’s music scene, this may be a hint. While Vegas Soul is a million times better than this cd, I still dig this cd enough to recommend it. Tracks like Jerry Springer, Punches are Free among others show the band has a great sense of humor that seems to mesh very well with their punk vibe. I thought the band was more humor based till I hear Fashion Show, they seem to have a message that they want to share, and it may offend some pseudo wanna be punk bands. They seem to be rooted in the true spirit of punk that it is all about the music, and not the clothes and scene. For punk music this cd comes across as very experimental and at times bizarre. I love Mike’s vocals and he has an incredible delivery to how he delivers his points in songs, almost like some sales man at times and at others like he is fighting himself.

Indescribable is another favorite on this cd, I just love the passion these guys can put on a cd. You just know live these guys have to be an ongoing riot of sound and fury. To me, this is a band that if they had a major break could really be on a lot of people’s lips. Unlike their band mates who I am a fan of as well, this band seems to have a sound that is interchangeable and can almost adjust to any scene. So to call this cd punk would almost be a crime, because it seems to have so many influences like rap metal, alternative and metal as well as punk.

I know I said this on the last 3 cds by this label, and I am not being paid to say anything so this is heartfelt and honest. If you are a music fan and miss the days of true passion and people who play music just for the love of it and not some financial bs. Squidhat Records is the best new label that really gives you so much great new music by bands that have busted their asses and sacrificed for years to get that chance to put out a cd and give you their heart and soul. So whether it is Attack Ships, Dirty Panties or The Gashers know that when you buy a cd you are going to have a good time and be entertained. I am just shocked at how awesome this Vegas scene is I need to move. This is starting to feel like Seattle around 1988, god the wealth of talent coming out right now, wait till that breakthrough cd hits, bands like Attack Ships are going to be huge.

8 out of 10