Movie Review-Zombie Undead

Plot-We learn in the opening minutes that a terrorist detonates a bomb in the middle of a heavily populated city. Inside this bomb is a plague that turns people into zombies and it is spreading throughout the city. Meanwhile, main character Sarah is driving her father who is bleeding to the hospital. Once at the hospital, it is chaos with blood and dead bodies everywhere and in all this mess, Sarah stumbles and passes out. Well, when she comes to she is unsure of what is going on and with a few others who survived she learns that they have to stop and survive this plague.

Review-This little indie British take on the zombie film, really offers nothing new that we have not seen before in zombie films. You have survivors, they run away from zombies, zombies’ pursuit them and the main character is on some mission to find a missing loved one. This film was a mess, from the awful script to the very little zombie action we do get. The sad part is this film in the first ten minutes opened up with some promise, you see a terrorist detonating a dirty bomb in Leicester City. Then, we cut away to Sarah who is rushing with Steve to take her father to the hospital, while the film was still getting interesting. The surgeon takes an adrenaline shot and injects it into her father which causes Sarah to pass out. This is all in the first ten minutes, the issues with this film is what happened at the 10:01 mark till the end of the film. It was so long and drawn out and just lazy film making, half the battle was won you had zombies, sad that they could not make this work.

You can tell they were Walking Dead inspired, without Walking Dead budget or creativity. From the time Sarah re awakens and meets Jay, who is an annoying character who if you can handle the accent and his overacting, you could like him and them walking around the hospital for what seems like an eternity looking for survivors, you could just tell this film was just a throw together fast and release it trying to cash in on the craze sort of film. In the hospital they may bump into one or two zombies in passing, nothing to really note. I won’t talk about that ending, it was quite possibly one of the dumbest things I ever seen committed to film then it just ends abruptly after, which really was supposed to seem cutting edge or visually stunning and in reality, it was the best part of the film. To know it ended.

This film on paper may have seemed like it could not miss, execution wise this film is just horrible. Bad acting, bad characters and just plain boring with little to no zombie goodness to keep the viewer interested. All in all, zombie fans may want to see it just to have this memory in their collection, horror fans looking for fun avoid it.

1 out of 10