Movie Review-Zombie A-Hole

Coming to Home Video August 21st

Plot-From Dustin Mills, who gave us The Puppet Monster Massacre, is a different kind of zombie film. Pollux is a zombie in a zoot suit almost like Sin City-ish and he is out to kill female twins. This zombie cannot die from bullets; he lives thru this medallion he wears on his chest. Well, Frank Fulci lost a family member to this monster and now is out to stop him. Along the way, he finds out that Pollux has a twin brother Castor and he enlists him to help him. In addition there is a female named Mercy who in addition to losing her eye and hand to the zombie also lost her sister to him as well, and is out for revenge.

Review-This film I am supposed to hate, but I had so much fun with it. This film is exploitation cheese at its very finest and lowest. This film is from the get-go an orgy of blood and as much female frontal nudity you can get in one film. The concept and execution of this film is so farfetched and so ludicrous, that the only way to enjoy this film is to shut your brain and common sense off. The plot is easy enough; you have 3 different people with 3 different motives trying to stop a zombie who is intent on killing all the female twins he can. If you are in these kinds of films for the gore and violence, this film gives you plenty. Now given, this is very indie low budget violence and gore. Which means scenes like when they are shooting at the zombie you can tell how fake that is, and the scene towards the finale when they have to fight the demons that come to earth, you can tell how fake it is but the characters and the silly dialogue make it funny as all hell. That was my main positive with this film is that the characters, did not try to be serious. They played this for the cheese factor, and it made the film so ridiculous that you could not sit there and not have fun. When you start a film with two women running naked in the woods and you get to see them both killed in seconds, you know if you are going to be the fan for this film or not.

When this film becomes the road trip with Frank and the demon’s twin brother Castor who both are out to stop them, the film has the most ridiculous and eye rolling dialogue, but the delivery just screams midnight movie with a crowd. This would be so fun in a party setting with people having fun. Dustin gives you plenty of cool kills, and I will not spoil any of them, but I will say the one on the bed was pretty bad ass. Now, I watched this film twice the first time I was ready to knock Dustin on his character he played in the film as a Kevin Smith wanna be until I watched it the second time with the commentary. Dustin and his costar on the commentary was really fun, non-apologetic and very insightful. When they are not busy talking about how beautiful most of the women looked naked and how the majority of them were down with all the nudity, they really came across as two down to earth guys who wanted to make a fun film.

Another positive in this film is that Dustin gave nudity to women who were not exactly the norm for nude scenes in indie films. There is a scene when a woman who is not exactly skin and bones has a nude scene. And to tell you the truth, it was a relief. I am all for any woman medium to a little bit over medium to go nude as well. Not everyone can be a model, and Dustin showed some class by making the move to include a wide variety of women to showcase. In terms of a horror film, it has its moments. But from the grimy throwback style this film was made, this is seedy 70’s late night at the drive in exploitation goodness that no matter what the plot is about, you just know you will get a steady fix of blood and nudity. This is why people want to see Zombie A-Hole.

8 out of 10