Movie Review-The Liquidator

Plot-Arsen is a bodyguard who at one time was in the military. Arsen’s world is thrown upside down when he finds out his brother was killed. One of his brothers coworkers give Arsen a letter that was behind for him in case anything happened to his brother, and in the letter he finds a computer file that shows a ring of corruption of a lot of people with power. Now, those people are out to stop him, while he is out to avenge his brother’s death.

Review-Vinnie Jones has a picture on the dvd box and also a name on the front of it, but not until the 45 minute mark does he appear and he is not really in that much of this film, probably about 25 minutes or less. But, all things considered this was like a little indie Bourne ripoff film. You can tell that the people who made this film wear their inspirations on their sleeves, because there is not one scene in this film that does not seem like another film you have watched before it. But, I did not seem to mind for the most part this little fast action quickie. Like, most indie action films the dialogue is pretty atrocious, and very dumbed down like it is catering to the lowest common denominator. Of course, Arsen will get shot and him and his brother’s coworker all of a sudden will become experts on gun wounds and how to ease the pain.

Why do all these action films, when someone gets shot it seems like all of a sudden people become surgeons? Vinnie Jones was ok for what he was given; he played like some kind of cleaner character a silent killer, who is there to eliminate this problem before Arsen kills all the people who killed his brother. Some of the fight scenes looked so phony that they were letting this guy beat their asses. Why is it that people, who are gun experts and never miss, cannot kill a target 5 feet away during major shoot outs?

It is also revealed in this film that our bodyguard Arsen was an ex-special forces soldier. So this film is basically a very Jason Bourne style of one person out for revenge against a syndicate that killed his brother, and the fate of having to confront Vinnie Jones who is known as the Silent Killer. The film was safe, it was violent and had some decent moments but all in all, if you have seen most of this style of action films you have seen what this film has to offer you. I did have fun with this film, and if you are a fan of these kinds of films, it is worth the rental at least.

7 out of 10