Movie Review-Shark Week

Coming to dvd and blu ray on August 28th from The Asylum

8 people are drugged and kidnapped by a madman who takes them to a deserted island. They are forced to play a game for their lives where they have to go from one side of the island to the other. There is a catch; they have to survive different kinds of sharks on the way. Each obstacle they encounter requires them to go in the water, and try to find keys that unlock doors and give them a way out under the water. This is directed by Fred Olen Ray’s son who has given us the shark classics 2-Headed Shark Attack and Mega Shark vs. Crocoaourous.

If you are familiar with the product of The Asylum and how they do shark SyFy films, you may like this more than someone who is not. Patrick Bergin plays this madman drug lord who along with his girlfriend/wife Yancy Butler and the help of some thugs kidnap and drug 8 people. As you can guess the 8 people will have something in common with each other, and as the film goes on will discover what it is. The dialogue in this film is long winded and just conversations that never would happen on any situation, anywhere. But, again knowing that most of these low budget mockbusters are not high on script, we watch these for the fun factor. This film had no fun factor, and I love shark films a lot. The shark attacks and scenes with the sharks were poorly shot, and laughable.

There is a scene in the beginning of this adventure for our gang that they are fighting baby sharks that was pretty eye rolling, and the end fight scene you can guess they go up to the great white. Each fight scene they have to endure, they fight a different breed of shark. The great white fight towards the end was the moment in the film I did sort of like, but there was not enough. The characters for the most part were pretty eye rolling or laughable, but I thought Erin Coker playing main character Regan did a great job. To me, she was clearly one of the highlights as us Asylum lovers know she has been their most recent go-to girl and has delivered on most of her roles very well.

The sharks as cheese as they looked, at least were accurate enough that someone did their homework. The CGI in this film was bad as well, like a scene that some of them jump off the edge of a rock to fight a hammerhead. It looked so badly shot. And for a shark film, there is little to no gore or blood that is worth talking about. Now, there are scenes when some of the sharks are stabbed or killed but the blood is only in a blink of an eye in passing. This film had a weird way of creating some kind of character development, so much so we learn that people have anti-kidnapping devices in their skin and can be tracked. And then we find out that people who kidnap you search for them and cut them out of you. Do they assume we all have tracking devices or was this a good hunch? The dialogue is what you expect, “how did you find a knife”? “It was in a tree”. Another fun line was “I already killed your whore”. And the response back is “Whores are replaceable”.

Patrick Bergin is so missed in films, and he still has a lot of talent, as his portrayal of the psycho in this film, I enjoyed him for the most part. The film had issues, but there was some ok moments to it. It just lets me down that Asylum to me has put out some of its best stuff this year with Abraham Lincoln vs. The Zombies, Air Collision and Nazis at the Center of the Earth, and it falls flat with this film which I wanted to like just as much as the other three above. I do applaud them for putting films out on blu ray, the blu ray transfer to this film was really well done and the special features were fun enough. I wish the gag reel was longer than 66 seconds.

All in all, if you are a fan of The Asylum they are putting out some very fun films this year, sadly this is not one of them.

3 out of 10