Movie Review-Scar Crow

Coming to dvd August 21st

Plot-Four guys are sent off on a team-building exercise that their company thinks would help them be more serious. The military take them in the middle of nowhere and drops them off to survive for a few days. (you know your boss hates you when he or she thinks you need to be dropped in the middle of nowhere to try and be a better employee) You learn from the get-go these guys do not take anything serious. When they get dropped off they try to get someone on their cells to pick them up but soon they discover 3 women covered in blood in the middle of the woods. We learn from flashbacks these 3 women are witches and been on the land for 300 years. The women watched their mother be hung for being a witch, and their father who also was some kind of warlock try to molest them. When they get revenge on their father by turning him into a scarecrow he gets the last laugh and curses the girls as well where they cannot leave the land. Now our 4 guys are on the land and discover the women. Will they be our latest victims or can they stop the women?

Review-This film for some odd reason entertained me. I will not tell you in this review, this is a great film or even a good film but it was not boring and kept my attention. This film on the surface sounds like it could work; you have 3 women who are being punished for trying to curse their father, by being cursed as well. The film for the most part is told in flashbacks, we learn what the women did on this land for 300 years till the guys were dropped off one day. We watch their mom being killed for being a witch, and the girls trying to adjust to life without her by being touched and treated bad by their dad. When they try to make him a scarecrow which they succeed in, he curses them to be stuck on the land with him till they get him off the cross and buried. For 300 years these girls try daily but each time they bury him, next day he is on the cross yet again. That aspect of the story was not as bad, as other aspects which will we talk about like that dreaded ending. The guys from the get-go just seem like the most boring 4 guys you could meet, and they handle situations that come up in this film like the dumbest four guys you will ever meet. When these guys stumble upon our three beautiful witches, they see them with blood on them and ask them what happened, and the girls say “it’s not our blood”. And the guys stick around. If you are in the middle of nowhere, and some woman I do not care how she looks tells you that blood on her is not hers, wouldn’t that be the warning sign you needed to know to get the fuck out of there. And do not worry those situations happen more in this film then you know and the guys are totally stupid, and when one guy smartens up and wants to leave, there is always another who tells him that we need to stay.

The blood and death scenes in this film were not too shabby, they only gave you like 5 or 6 kills but each one was pretty cool and could be a reason to invest in watching this film. The acting was horrible, the script was nonexistent. The saving grace to this film is as bad as it was, it was entertaining and not eye rolling. Though, the finale ranks up in there with one of the worst and most absurd I have ever seen ever. This film gives you an ending that I will say right now is eye rolling and makes absolutely no sense. It made me hate watching this film, but I hope the final shot is not the proof that we may get a sequel. The film was not as bad as it could have been, but it is not a film to want to rush out and see. This is an indie low budget film that really tries to have fun and give you guys some decent kills, and succeeds on one level and fails badly on the other. I am a scarecrow junkie, and I will always want to watch these films because when I was a kid my Aunt had a field with scarecrows and they use to scare me. So I always had a fascination with them, but this film gave us not enough of the scarecrow, or in this case scar crow. What you do get involves most of the kills, which one includes a man getting his penis ripped off, and another which the scar crow goes right thru a man’s stomach with his head and body. All in all, this is not the worst film I have seen, but it is not the best. I would watch it again just for the kills, but not much else.

5 out of 10