Movie Review-Saturday the 14th

Plot-Saturday the 14th was originally released in 1981, as a horror parody of the horror genre at that time. Richard Benjamin stars in this film about a young kid who discovers a mysterious book that tells of a curse that comes over the house on the date Saturday the 14th. While he is reading the book it releases a bunch of monsters that take over the house. Now it is up to this family and their neighborhood to stop the monsters and end the curse.

Review-If you are a horror film kid in the late 70’s or early 80’s, when this came to the theater you found a way to go see it. This was back before there was a computer, and right in the boom of the VCR and Beta Max. People thought at the time that the introduction to video tape and watching movies at home would kill the film industry. Better yet, they thought the endless supply of horror films coming to the movie theaters were part of the problem, so the solution make a film that mocks the genre. From the tagline that was a knock on Jaws, a title that was a knock on Jason, and a premise that literally spoofed all the films that were saturating the box office, came a film that in my eyes was the precursor to films like Scary Movie and all those other spoofs. At this time the spoof was done in a way that was considered classy like Mel Brooks doing Young Frankenstein, no one ever took the cheese route, much less the cheap jokes route as well till this film.

Let’s be honest most of you who will rent or buy this film you will do it for the sole reason of it taking you back to your childhood. You know the acting is bad, and the jokes are basically so dead silence to cheese, that you laugh and feel guilty for doing it. But, for those reasons may be the selling point to this dvd. The transfer is a million times better than the beta was, and the vhs tape. Jeffrey Tambor also stars in this film; I am thinking he does not put this role on his resume. The film itself while nothing to brag about or really overly praise it, had the nostalgia factor working for it, where I remembered being a kid with my little brother watching this at the neighborhood theater.

All in all, I would say if you have little kids you may want to introduce them to this film as a reminder of what you went thru when you were their age, this is a safe family film unlike what this would spawn later with Scary Movie and etc. I would have loved for this disc to be an anniversary copy and get some updated new stuff, but I am happy that I got to see a good transfer of a bad fun film of my childhood. I would say it is well worth a rental, just for the silliness of certain scenes but if you have a kid who you want to learn about horror and its roots, this film may be worth buying just to say you own it.

7 out of 10