Movie Review-Rockin’ Reverend

Plot-Meet Robert Brown he is a slacker who laughs at religion and is a down on his luck Shakespearean actor who lives in a trailer with a Christian girlfriend who on the promise of more sex drags him to church. Robert brings a beer and mocks the whole sermon but is impressed when he learns the preacher drives a 70k hummer and makes all this money from people wanting their sins forgiven. So, Robert and his friend Gary decide to create their own church from the city homeless shelter and Robert becomes the Rockin’ ’Reverend. As you can guess soon, the preacher he is competing against finds out, as does his girlfriend and his ex and his son, and not everyone seems to be so open to this concept.

Review-Rockin’ Reverend is 2012’s biggest surprise. A lot of people will see the title and think that this is going to be a one note film that just goes for the blasphemy in each joke, but this film is so much more than that. It seemed like in the last few years comedies seem to have gotten lazy, that people forgot how to really make a dark comedy work. I miss the days of Hal Hartley, Solondz, and films like Buffalo 66 and The Opposite of Sex. Reverend is that dark comedy that is so smartly written that you will find yourself either laughing nonstop or just shocked at what comes out of Robert’s mouth. When these two bumbling slackers decide to go into a church to steal their mailing list so they could get more people to come to their church, that you sit there and just laugh at the concept but to watch it happen, was just so brilliantly acted and just worked. To open a church that you hand out beer before the sermon, tell people that the bible and it’s rules are “bullshit” and you cuss nonstop and quote Led Zeppelin during the mass and have the Reverend come out to a metal song, you know this film is going to do its best to get you to laugh and have fun.

That was the biggest plus to this film, is that the actors all shine. Robert is played by the director Scot Michael Walker, and he plays the character so dark and dry, that you sit there and almost in fear of what can come out of his mouth yet. The beginning when he has sex held against him to go to church, you watch him drinking a beer and question everything that comes out of the preacher’s mouth. You had to know that the people behind him and in front of him, wanted to laugh so bad. It was just so bizarre and absurd that during a sermon about Jesus that someone can come up with this stuff. Of course, we all know he is in this for a buck cause during the day him and his friend Gary stand in front of a building dressed up like Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty and talk about taxes till cars pass by with their windows shut, and then they scream stuff at the cars that range from so bizarrely funny to just odd.

This film also has a heart when it comes to Robert and the threat by his ex that if he cannot come up with child support to take his son and move away. The scenes with him and his son brought this film its heart, and when he is confronted by his current girlfriend about the blasphemy in his sermons, and it shocked me that this film would add so much heart to the dark humor, and it worked. One minute you are laughing, and the next you are worried, and then the next is a feel good moment. This film is going to be huge, and it will get a crowd. With the right promotional push, and the word of mouth that will be coming this film is going to be on a lot of people’s lips very soon.

So far in 2012, this is the best comedy I have seen by far. From start to finish, awesome script, smart jokes and very solid storytelling. This film should be on everyone’s must see list. What a great film, god I am dying to see what the future holds for Scot.

10 out of 10