Movie Review-Purification

Coming to dvd finally September 25th

(this review was originally written on February 14th 2012 )

Plot-Bret Fitzpatrick is a wealthy real estate investor, and is caught between reality and a world not so real. As he crosses paths with people he can grab their hands and know all the bad things they have done. He thinks he is just having hallucinations and keeps taking pills, but the reality is there is something else going on and Bret has to figure it out and very quickly.

Review-Watching this film was like a scenario that happened a while back. Almost 1 year ago to this day, I was watching a little film called Absentia. The first words out of my mouth at that time were,” this film will be in my top 20 of 2011″…and Absentia was. Now, I will say this. Purification may be in my top 10 of 2012. This film is so odd and weird, you almost feel like you are watching the supernatural version of Pi. Some people may figure out the twist in minutes, some may not. But that is the fun of this film. This film is just the ultimate puzzle for us the viewer to sit there and try and figure what each of the pieces means. With this film, the answers do not come easy or at least delivered with sanity. There are some images in this film that are so creepy/ odd that you will talk and wonder what they mean and sit there and question what direction both the movie and the characters are going on.

One scene that I know right now, will get the most reactions will be the scene with the son and mom. That two minute scene alone would quite frankly put a smile on M Night and Alfred Hitchcock’s face in terms of just what does this mean to the film and why am I not looking away. This film from start to finish just draws you in, sucks you in to the life of Bret and puts you in his world, that you think his story is either a mash up of The Others meets Jacob’s Ladder or a mash up of Pi meets The Dead Zone. One thing for sure, this film is quite original and will have people talking a lot.

This film is a 90 minute trip into Bret’s life. We see as the film starts he is a cruel “I will throw you on the streets” landlord. As the film progresses we watch as Bret confronts his demons and the ones of everyone in his life. And to his credit, he is not running away from most of them, or the wrongs he has committed. He faces them all on head on. Then comes his dirty little secret…His brother who is a junkie who is going to sit there and let the house he lives in which is their mom’s get foreclosed on. Bret’s brother you almost feel resents what his brother for his riches and what he has become, that the scenes that involve the both of them almost seem like there is a underlining hatred and jealousy he has for Bret. And for Bret for his brother’s situation he has lack of pity and understanding just embarrassment. The images in this film are eerie and the effects were well done. The pacing of this film was spot on, along with the characters and script. You just get the feeling watching this film, that the people both in front of the camera and behind it, are having a blast and just excited to get you in the end. Purification is for real. This is a must see……

8.5 out of 10

  • Bob

    Nice flick!

  • JJ

    Seen it. Love the lead character Bret. The rest of the acting was average.Great storyline.

  • Watch Purification on It’s available on the website April 13 to stream online, before its big release in theaters the following week. Give it for free to a friend.

  • when will it come to florida?

  • The trailer looks good

  • About time someone made a Horror film original and not a copy cat. I’ll pay $10 to see this….

  • Omg! I was just reading the reviews and watching the trailer
    On this movie last week. They say its going to be big and there wasn’t
    One name actor in it. Great article